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‘Passionate about people counting and providing retail insights’

How does fashion retailer Hobbs optimise footfall in its flagship store?

How do Carphone Warehouse managers improve their conversion rates and deliver their sales targets?

How does Virgin Media know its new concept store was a success?

At Ipsos Retail Performance, we are helping retailers around the world maximise their store performance with our state-of-the-art People Counting Systems and invaluable customer insights.

With more than 20 years of experience, we are the retail experts at measuring and understanding customer behaviour inside retail stores, because we put Accuracy, Analysis, and Advancement at the heart of everything we do.

As the first company to pioneer people counting technology, we are dedicated to providing the right people counting systems for your business. Whatever the size of your store or retail estate – if you are serious about using retail analytics to advance store performance then it must start with accurate footfall data that you can trust to make decisions on.
Find out more about our Passion For Accuracy here.

Our dedicated retail analytics team can add value by supporting retailers with crucial retail insight so that they can improve the customer experience and drive sales forward. Our Shopper Engage and Shopper Engage Lite solutions provide key metrics on how customers shop by measuring staff, store and product interactions to establish short and long term trends. While our Shopper Profile solution provides the ultimate marketing tool in retail microanalysis using the latest face detection technology.

We are continually innovating to help retailers achieve a greater understanding of shopper behaviour, so that customer insight teams can implement new strategies that will future-proof their stores and brands, and attract a new level of shoppers.

Did you know that the average spend increases by 39 per cent when customers receive positive assistance in-store? Our solutions can help retailers improve their in-store customer experience and better understand customer buying behaviour:


Shopper Count: Measure, manage and improve your footfall and conversion rates.

With a range of web-based reporting modules available to suit your business needs retailers can have 24/7 access to their latest retail data. Just some of the footfall metrics you can identify, include:

  • Hourly footfall patterns
  • Conversion rate peaks and troughs
  • Correct staffing levels to match individual store footfall

To find out more about what footfall data can do for your business visit our FOOTFALL IN RETAIL


Shopper Engage : Understanding consumer buying behaviour with discreet video tracking

Whether you want to analyse the performance of store layouts, merchandise appeal or customer services, we can track shopper paths and observe customer behaviour so you can identify key trends and long-term shopping patterns. Just some of the qualitative retail insights we can provide include:

  • Where do my customers head to first?
  • What proportion of them are buying?
  • How long do they spend in-store and in which zones?

Shopper Engage Lite : Understanding consumer buying behaviour with discreet human observers

Using digital mapping, our expertly trained in-store observers can open your eyes to a wealth of retail insight on shopper movements you would not have thought possible. Used to provide a fast and ‘instant’ snapshot on store performance and customer experience, just some of the quantitative retail insights we can provide include:

  • How effective is my new store layout?
  • What impact is a new store refit having on footfall?
  • Do I have a new product in the right place?

Shopper Interact : improve your retail space with point-of-purchase analytics

Find out how hard fixed displays or areas are working to Improve your customer experience strategy. Just some of the insights we can provide include:

  • What additional footfall is a new display bringing in?
  • Which signage is working?
  • Should you roll out new concepts to other stores?

Shopper Profile : Add a new layer of analytics by segmenting footfall data into gender and age groups.

Our pioneering face detection technology can open a new world of sales opportunities, including:

  • The sex of the shopper viewing the product
  • The different dwell times of male and female shoppers
  • Which zones are more popular with different age groups

With an ever-growing client list, helping 8000 stores in 46 countries, Ipsos Retail Performance is a leading provider of retail footfall and shopper retail insights. Find out how our people counting systems can help you improve your customer experience today.

Call Ipsos Retail Performance on +44 (0) 1908 682 700 or email: customerservice.retailperformance@ipsos.com