Fashion Retailers: Did you know that:

Fashion Retailers: Did you know that:

  • Women are more likely to buy a luxury coat if it’s hanging front–facing
  • Your store conversion rates can benefit from click and collect services
  • Fashion retail sales online account for 5-10 percent, but could rise to 25 percent within 10 years
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Our fashion retail consultants can help you:

  • Match staff mobility to footfall
  • Identify your power hours and staff stretch
  • Understand which brands are destination brands within your store
  • Learn more about your customers – which display are your customers more likely to buy from: front-facing or side-facing?
  • Which outfits do people look at least? – what’s your peel off rate
  • Measure what percentage of customers actually go into a changing room and how long do they spend in there?

Having established long-working partnerships with many luxury and high street fashion retailers we understand the key geometrics and retail trends that need to be considered to maximize conversion rates and your store performance in this sector.

If click and collect is having a dramatic effect on your conversion rates or your queuing systems are causing bottlenecks and abandoned baskets – we have a range of retail business solutions that can help you overcome these challenges.

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Ipsos Retail Performance, which founded the principal technology for footfall counting systems and set the industry standard for accuracy, has helped hundreds of stores from high end brands to high street chains realise their potential.

Our Customer Behaviour Insights can provide you with these invaluable insights on shopper actions and interactions – all without installing equipment. Find out what impact seasonal sales are having on ATVs and stock? Are promotions working or do you need to change your in-store navigation?

At a time when margins have never been more stretched, it is crucial that fashion retailers know who is coming through their doors, how this profiling affects customer journey times and how to maximise conversion rates for each type. We have a number of products that can do just that.
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