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Health & Beauty Retailers, did you know that:

Health & Beauty Retailers, did you know that:

  • There are more nail salons on British High Streets than Chinese  Restaurants
  • Between 2011-13 the number of health and beauty outlets in the UK grew by more than 2,300 units (+10.4 per cent)
  • With an ageing population, increasing the demand for vitamins and anti-ageing products, this retail sector is expected to experience strong growth over the next five years.
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Our retail consultants can also help you identify:

  • Why sales are decreasing
  • What effect marketing promotions have on traffic in different regions
  • How effective makeover and demonstrations are on conversion rates
  • Which times are best for product launches?

Clients in this sector can also benefit from our comprehensive Retail Traffic Index (RTI) which lets you know how well your stores are performing compared to local, regional or national competitors.

With our Retail Traffic Index’s you can discover:

  • Are your stores following the same footfall as other health and beauty retailers?
  • What is your brand strength compared to the rest of your country?
  • How efficient are your marketing promotions?


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Health and Beauty outlets have weathered the economic downturn better than most thanks to our increased preoccupation with keeping healthy and how we look.

Retail trends have shown us how market share is being taken away from specialists as grocers and general merchandisers compete on increasingly price sensitive margins.

We understand the importance of maximising customer dwell time and improving customer loyalty so specialists in this sector can drive sales and profitability forward.

We have a number of high profile clients in health and beauty, who have used our retail insights to gain a competitive advantage by creating good shopper experiences, which in turn reinforce customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

Customer behavioural insights can give you total movement of different shopper profiles within your store. This means that you can find out what products the 18-24s interact with on the beauty counter, which are the destination brands for the more mature shopper and what effect enhanced staff training sessions can have on sales?

Alongside people counting, our cloud reporting software can help you match store footfall with staffing levels so store managers can schedule with confidence and make sure staff interactions and demonstrations can still happen at your busiest times.

Health & Beauty

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