Shopping Mall Traffic Data

Shopping Mall Managers, do you know:

Shopping Mall Managers, do you know:

      • What impact a new store is having on footfall numbers?
      • What different paths male and female shoppers take?
      • How effective your visual displays are – which shopper profiles are they engaging?

If you are looking to grow the quality and performance of your shopping mall, make sure you are acting on the best and most accurate information possible.

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Our shopping mall consultants can help you:

  • Understand the impact of new stores
  • Monitor the effect of events and pop up stores
  • Which stores attract the most footfall
  • The most popular zones within a mall
  • Organize maintenance and support with live occupancy figures

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Our Customer Behavior solutions can provide clear and accurate insight on the immediate impact of new stores or events – often picking up on consumer behavior that you would never think to measure, plus using the latest face detection technology to build up longer term trends.

And you can relax, knowing the data you are receiving is the most accurate on the market. So if one area is experiencing high footfall peaks, our dedicated diagnostics team are on hand 24/7 to validate the data to check the surge is the result of real time events and not simply builders working on a store refit.
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In addition, our people counting solutions, which can include geo tracking and Bluetooth technology, can help you determine:

  • Where potential future investment is needed
  • Which are your most popular pathways in the shopping mall
  • What impact new store frontages have on customer shopping behavior
  • Customer profiling – who are your customers and to which stores do they head first?

If you don’t know when your five tops stores are at their busiest or which stores are under performing, we can tell you. Our people counting solutions, can provide you with invaluable shopper retail insights and shopper interactions within the shopping mall and often without installing equipment.

In these competitive times, we understand why just knowing that your overall footfall is going up, is not enough.

That’s why Ipsos Retail Performance, which founded the principal technology for footfall counting and set the industry standard for accuracy, has made monitoring customer buying behavior inside an entire shopping mall a reality and opened up a whole new world of opportunities.

Whatever retail insight you need, we have a number of proven retail business solutions that can help you understand retail trends, footfall and consumer buying behavior so that you can take action with confidence in your shopping mall.

Ipsos Retail Performance can not only give you customer insight on the total movement of shoppers within your shopping mall, but also demographic info on your customer base so you can unlock a new level of customer profiling by segmenting data into gender and age ranges of the shoppers you are attracting.

Shopping Mall Traffic Data

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