Telecommunications Retailers, did you know that:

Telecommunications Retailers, did you know that:

  • We can measure how long men and women spend interacting with a new product
  • We can tell you which of your visual displays are the most engaging
  • We can find out customer dwell times in specific zones

We have one of the largest proportions globally of mobile phone and electrical stores using our people counting solutions, which is why we understand the operational and strategic challenges facing retail chains in this sector better than anyone else.

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Our telecommunication retail consultants can help you:

  • Optimize store performance
  • Distinguish high performing conversion groups (contracts vs. accessories)
  • Match employee productivity to peak customer demand
  • Engagement and interaction levels of store designs

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Optimize Store Performance with our Retail Solutions

We know how important it is to optimize the performance of your concept stores.
With the telecommunications market increasingly about showrooming and the customer experience, it’s key to get your staffing levels right.

Through our footfall monitoring and retail analysis, Virgin Media has accurately measured the success of its Our House concept store and its partnership with Ipsos Retail Performance was recently shortlisted as a finalist in the BT Retail Week Awards 2013.

Virgin Media now has valuable performance metrics against which to measure and evaluate future store designs, layouts, store touch points and interactive technologies to improve its customer experience.

Our people counting solutions have also helped other leading telecommunications retailers, to:

  • Split conversion rates into different types of transactions such as contracts, pre-paid and accessories as a Key Performance Indicator
  • Measure what impact new zones have on customer dwell time
  • Discover which displays customers interact with most
  • Identify which brands are destination brands and how they affect store penetration
  • Find out which queuing system best meets your customer needs

Measuring Brand Strength with our Retail Traffic Index

How does O2 know that it is the UK’s leading provider of mobile phone and broadband?
Because of our mobile Retail Traffic Indices (RTIs) that provide the most comprehensive retail analysis of the UK market and help the leading Telecommunications retailers measure their store performance, efficiency and brand strength for this sector.

With our RTI’s you can discover:

  • How efficient your marketing promotion was
  • What your brand strength is relative to the rest of the UK
  • If your store refit delivered additional footfall
  • Whether your stores are following the same footfall patterns as other mobile retailers

Whatever insight you need, we have a number of proven retail business solutions, that can help you understand immediately the effectiveness of new products, displays and layouts and ultimately help you drive footfall, brand loyalty and sales forward.


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