Estate & Chain management software

An integrated platform for your whole estate or chain

When managing multiple people counting devices, beyond the first few units, there is an increasing level of effort required for you as the provider of the hardware, to visit sites and configure the devices.  As the number of locations increases this becomes a more difficult challenge to address.

The solution is to offer location management software. One of the barriers to this is that the majority of software providers tend to look at thresholds, signing up for volumes of units at a time. Setting up the software can also require an investment for each provider in cloud infrastructure. Further, using a cloud based approach may well provide you with more hurdles to overcome with your client’s IT functions who will ask a lot of questions around security.

No minimum volume

At Ipsos Retail Performance, we’ve looked to address this, in the first instance, with estate management software that’s right for your devices. This can be achieved on a fee per device basis on our existing high volume usage, meaning there is no commitment from you to purchase either devices or licenses at the minimum volume levels.

Fully compliant

We’ve also set up our estate management software in the cloud, which is secure for each partner’s estate and is managed and fully compliant with ISO 27001 Data Security, ISO 9001 General Business Requirements and ISO 20252 Market Research standards, helping you provide answers to those difficult IT security questions.

As an integrated platform of device management tools, Estate Manager offers powerful capabilities:

  • Comprehensive at-a-glance monitoring of device conditions across your network
  • Remote device configuration and audit
  • Checking device connectivity
  • Dynamic error and diagnostic monitoring
  • Schedule automatic backups and other tasks
  • Carry out firmware updates and downloads
  • Highly scalable and stable

Speak to us about our Channel Partner Program today and benefit from:

  • No minimum requirement
  • Reduced running costs
  • Secure platform
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Estate & Chain management software

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