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Vizilog Asia

About Vizilog

Vizilog Asia Ltd is a system integrator, providing tracking technology solutions to clients covering transportation, aviation, logistics, manufacturing and asset management.  Besides RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) solutions, Vizilog also provides RTLS (Real Time Location System) and library solutions.

The challenge:

Vizilog wanted to adopt an effective operation tool in passenger counting as part of the Ferry Management Framework. Where travel passes allow passengers to use multiple services, understanding who uses the ferries versus other means of transport such as trains or buses is hard to determine.

The main challenge came from the tough environmental constraints; the constantly moving passenger access bridge and maintaining the accuracy of counting all passengers, including small children.  All of this conducted outside and susceptible to different weather conditions over a 24/7 operation.  This project presented a complex challenge indeed!

Our solution:

Partnering with Ipsos Retail Performance, an image sensing camera was mounted over the drawbridge.  In order to ensure accuracy of the counting, the count line was set back from the bridge and people walking through an area prior to the count line enabled us to verify them as a real person, including children, prior to taking counting. This approach eliminated erroneous objects such as the movement of the bridge and any swells from the sea.  The solution was configured to prevent passengers or staff crossing the count line and then returning back across it from being counted twice.  This was especially important in maintaining the accuracy of the data.

People counting in public spaces

The result:

Vizilog have an increased accuracy rate and a counting solution that enables them to monitor the capacity of every ferry journey.

Peter Law, Vizilog Asia said, “Ipsos Retail Performance has access to the right technology, a professional approach and integrity of the people. The team is highly supportive, positive and quick to work with us to provide a solution to our clients and business potential!” 

About our Channel Partner Program

We work with a network of business and technology manufacturers providing people monitoring services to meet the needs of multiple sectors in global markets.

Our channel partner program is designed to be flexible and provide access to hardware technology, software licensing, Ipsos Retail Performance proprietary software, specialist consultancy or all three complimentary services without the need to meet minimum order quantities.

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Channel partner case study

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