Passion for Accuracy

Assured decision making with the highest data accuracy levels in the market

Assured decision making with the highest data accuracy levels in the market

Accurate people counting can significantly affect your retail analysis, which is why we’ve made it our mission that our footfall data comes with the highest 95+ per cent quality assurance of accuracy for the lifetime of a contract.

At Ipsos Retail Performance, we will talk you through all the accurate people counting possibilities. It is not a case of one-technology fits all. It should be a considered decision so that when you are making those critical decisions based on our data – you have our quality assurance that it is reliable and validated.

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We believe there are three key steps to making sure you have an accurate people counter system in place:

  1. That you have the right type of technology installed – infraredthermalstereo camera or face detection
  2. That you have the right unit of measurement in place for your specific doorway environment
  3. That your data is constantly monitored and validated to the highest standards

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Why is accurate people counting so important?

If your system is over-counting or undercounting, all the investment you’ve put into stylish store refits, careful staff scheduling or marketing initiatives will mean nothing if you can’t get a true representation of what is happening on the shop floor. If you are getting misleading information and acting on it, every decision that follows on from that will be wrong.

For example: If your systems cannot recognise and discard a small child running in and out of our door, or waving their hands across the beam – will your system count all those beam breaks as new buying opportunities? If it does your footfall will be significantly increased, however your transactional data for that day will most likely be the same and yet your conversion rates will now be incorrectly down.

That’s why we offer retailers new to us, who have concerns over the accuracy of their footfall data, an initial no charge, no obligation, health check of their existing people counting systems from one of our trained and friendly audit team.

Ipsos Retail Performance can build intelligence into your systems and tailor algorithms to make sure your footfall data is accurate. What’s more we are the only provider of accurate people counters to have a frontline diagnostics team – based in the UK and The Philippines – who monitor and validate our entire people counting data 24/7 for our clients around the world. They are responsible for investigating any abnormalities or spikes in the data and guarantee our clients get the highest level of accurate people counting.

So if your footfall is down on a particular day we want to know why. Is it a general trend for that area, or did your store have a fire drill? Has a new display blocked the sensors? Was there a power cut or were the cameras accidently unplugged by the cleaner? Any abnormality is flagged by our system and if we can’t find out what’s happened our validators will investigate thoroughly so you can rest assured you are making key decisions on the best possible information.

The industry standard for people counting accuracy

Ipsos Retail Performance was the first ISO 9001 accredited company for the supply of accurate people counters, which guarantees less than five per cent tolerance of error.

This 95+ per cent guarantee is for the lifetime of a contract.

Our Wobble-o-Meter

To see how quickly retail analysis can spiral out of control when you don’t have accurate people counters in place visit our Wobble-o-Meter by clicking here.

  • Data accuracy is a key differentiator for us.
    Tim Denison, Director of Retail Intelligence, Ipsos Retail Performance

Passion for Accuracy

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