Queue Management Systems

Improve the customer experience in stores and QSRs with efficient queuing procedures

A queue management system allows you to optimize performance in stores and quick service restaurants

A queue management system allows you to optimize performance in stores and quick service restaurants

Measuring and tracking your customer lines is crucial in today’s retail and leisure world. Our experts will analyze your data to identify customer trends and find out what is really happening in-store or in your restaurant chain and why.

Managing long lines with a bespoke queue management system will allow you to pull the right levers for optimum performance.

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A queue management system can provide these useful insights:

Quick Service Restaurants can:

  • Understand time to serve
  • Implement improved queuing systems
  • Monitor back of house activity
  • Identify trends and patterns

Store managers can:

  • Understand what factors are driving sales
  • Match your staffing pattern with queue system performance
  • Make better use of budgets
  • Discover what are your largest opportunity days in terms of conversion rates
  • Evaluate and target poor performing hours to improve conversion rates
  • Understand the relationship impact of walk-in shoppers and queued shoppers has on store performance with regards Average Transaction Value (ATV)  and conversion rate.

Area Managers can:

  • Find out if marketing initiatives delivered more traffic to stores and whether the format they arrive was queued or non-queued
  • Identify and learn from a store’s ability to manage the different types of customer flows
  • Discover which shops provide the greatest opportunity for growth
  • Measure the effect new service training programs and queue interventions have on improving conversion rates or basket sizes
  • Evaluate loyalty card events – do they drive additional traffic, when should you have them, are they buying or simply just enjoying the event?

Head office can:

  • Plan with confidence for the future
  • Understand customer trends
  • Assess the real impact of a new store concept or refit
  • Discover the best in class queue management system techniques which improve conversion rates and Average Transaction Value (ATV)
  • Use queue patterns, online and offline for discussions during lease negotiations
  • Evaluate and optimize store layout performance
  • Measure effectiveness of changes to the marketing mix
  • Understand the impact of in queue product placements
Queue Management Systems

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