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What Can Retailers Do To Understand Customer Behaviour?

For every retailer, the holy grail is to truly understand the customer journey, from the minute they enter the store to the moment they exit. But short of following customers around, where do you start? Using technology, it’s possible to monitor how customers use a store and what, or who, they engage with along their journey, without compromising their shopping experience.

Our customer behaviour solution gives retailers an insight into the entire customer journey; where do they go? What products do they browse? How do they interact with these products? What do they pick up? And of course, most importantly, which products do they purchase? Moreover, for categories and brands it can produce valuable insights in to how a product is performing, answering questions such as ‘Is our product selling better than our competitors?’ or ‘Are our products located in the optimal place?’

How does a behavioural study work?

Over half of all decisions made in store are made by the non-conscious part of the brain, therefore there is a significant difference between what people say they do and what they actually do! Whilst exit surveys can be a useful addition to an observational project, our projects involve observing the customer journey using a non-intrusive, anonymous method which provides retailers with a detailed understanding of a customer’s natural behaviour.

Whether you’re investing in a new store layout or you’ve just had a refit and want to understand the effects of any changes, or you want to know if your staff rotas match the traffic patterns of your store, a customer behaviour study produces a detailed analysis of behaviour patterns within a store.  For example, staff may be stretched at certain times of the day, unable to offer the customer service required. Our expert analysts can determine whether additional staff are required or if it’s a question of staff training.

In order to improve the customer experience and ultimately improve conversion rates, retailers need to understand how their customers use the store and tailor layout and merchandise to ease the shopping journey.

What insights will you get from understanding customer behaviour?

We’ve worked with a number of clients to understand the customer journey throughout stores, observing how staff are engaging with customers, how pop-up stands are performing, or how specific products are selling compared to other brands. Our clients range from beauty brands to retailers and supermarkets looking to understand the customer journey. Read our case study from the Design Museum to see how our analysis helped them understand visitor behaviour.

It’s important for retailers to understand their customers’ profile and behaviour to implement the right changes in store to maximise sales.  Making changes on a whim can be a costly exercise that may not see any return on investment, whereas setting objectives early in a project enables a focused analysis of in-store behaviour. From the age and gender of a customer to how long they spend in a store and which areas they are attracted to, store operations, marketing and insights teams can implement changes based on fact to maximise conversion.

The insights into a customers’ journey, unravelled in a behavioural exercise, are invaluable if you want a better understanding of your customers’ behaviour in store or around your brand.