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Retail Footfall: Creative Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Store

Today’s shopper is very different from that of the past, but all hope is not lost for retailers.  Whilst there are stores closing their doors, there are many retailers that continue to thrive and are increasing their store count. In fact, according to Fung Global Retail, in 2017 there is an increase of 54% of store opening announcements from the previous year. This is yet another reason why it’s so important to understand how to drive traffic to the stores.

Our Business Development Manager for Americas, Kelly Fairchild, suggests a few ways that retailers can be both creative and logical when trying to drive traffic to their physical spaces:

Hire Friendly Staff

This seems like a no brainer, but you’d be surprised how many retailers still haven’t got this right. If someone is willing to come into your store, you better make sure that your staff is attentive and genuinely friendly to your customers. You might not have many chances to impress shoppers while they are in your space, but you are almost guaranteed to lose a sale by poor customer service.

Offer Better Sales In-Store Than Online

Retailers must give shoppers a reason to get up off their couch and come into the store rather than buy online. An easy way to do this is to offer the same, or better prices in store. Shoppers will cross check and compare where they can get a better deal so make it easy for them to choose to come to your store. Then once they are in the store, your friendly attentive staff can up-sell the customer since they are saving on those great sales.

Be convenient

You might think that just because your store is tied to one spot you are stuck. Wrong! Get involved with local events. Does your area have a farmer’s market?  Is there a big conference happening at a local hotel? Is your mall holding an event? Smart retailers will get involved, even if you don’t want to physically take merchandise. Send someone there to hand out flyers and coupons. Think outside the box while still pushing to drive people to your store.

Make Sure Your Stores Are Appropriately Staffed

Do you know what time of day your stores are the busiest? Do you have the correct staff scheduled during those times? There are technology solutions like staffing tools tied to your traffic data that can help you understand this type of information. Don’t let people walk away from your store because you didn’t have enough tills open at the right times.

Offer a Loyalty Program

If you don’t already have a loyalty program, there’s still time to join the party. Many shoppers prefer retailers who offer a loyalty rewards program that gives them a reason to return. If you sell the same products as your competitor, you should offer a better rewards program to differentiate yourself. You can then tie this information in with your overall traffic to better understand patronage analytics.

These are just a few ways that you can help increase traffic to your stores and keep your customers coming back for more. The key is to understand what helps drive traffic to your stores and then understand how to use the data to increase overall sales.

By: Kelly Marie Fairchild

Contact Kelly for more information or book a demo to find out more about how analytics can help