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Ipsos Traffic Count Mobile App

Have you used our new Ipsos Traffic Count app yet? Available on the App Store and Android, our app benefits those who are working on the shop floor right through to managerial levels. It complements our secure online portal and provides users data and the tools they require to make operational decisions on the go. Now with voice integration, this handy app displays historical data as well as near real time data that allows staff to see immediate results. Moreover, it sends email and text notifications to alert you if your site or location is reaching maximum occupancy.

Improve your customer experience

The Ipsos Traffic Count app allows you to schedule staff according to visitor volumes at your locations. This allows you to increase the productivity in your store or location by always meeting footfall demand by having scheduled the sales team in the right areas. If more staff are needed in a certain location or zone, you can quickly see this data on the tool and place your staff in the correct location to continually assist your customers and to maximize the sales potential.

What are the features and benefits of the Ipsos Traffic Count App?

As well as being able to check your store or sites footfall and occupancy data on the go there are many benefits for using the app. There is an improved engagement from store staff in terms of accessing and understanding the data available. The data is easy to comprehend, can be accessed from anywhere for valid users and a much easier way of obtaining essential data for managers who are not based in the store such as head office staff. The app is user-friendly and easy to use, intuitive and no training is required saving you time and money.
Monitor your key KPIs such as conversion rate and average transaction values, view and compare historical footfall data, view near-real time data, check out your store forecast for the day ahead, intuitive quick select menu and performance comparisons, which are just some of the features included.

We work with leading companies and brands around the world to provide the analytics and insights that drive effective operational and strategic decisions.

In order to use the Ipsos Traffic Count App you would need to receive the data from Ipsos Retail Performance.

To find out more about the app or to see a demo you can contact us here.