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How to Improve Your Store Layout to Attract More Customers

You might have tempted them into your store, but could a sterile atmosphere, poor signage and awkward displays be putting customers off spending?

Customers can be very fickle. Shopping can be an event – to savour and enjoy – or a quick pop-in-for-milk necessity. Either way, getting them in through your doors with fantastic window displays and desirable products is only half the battle, because if you don’t have clear signage, a comfortable atmosphere and knowledgeable staff, chances are they are not going to hang around.

shop layout

What problems can a poor store layout cause?

A poor store layout can have a crushing effect on sales and conversion rates. You may know what your store traffic count is but how do you know they’re not turning on their heels and going straight out again. Can your walkways cope with busy times? Where are the bottlenecks and why is no one buying your new promotion?

Using customer insights from our Shopper Engage Lite solution, Ipsos Retail Performance can give you these answers. By bringing in our specially trained, retail observation team, they can discreetly monitor customers as they move around the store using a digital pen. It might sound very 007 but we use this information to give you comprehensive retail insight into what is happening on your shop floor. What do they touch? Who do they talk to? And crucially, what do they buy?

“Aspects of the shopper’s experience such as navigation and queuing times are critical,” says Tim Denison, Head of Retail Intelligence at Ipsos Retail Performance. “There is always scope to develop better customer experiences, whether by reducing stock outs or queuing times, positioning staff in key store locations at times when customers want it, or improving navigation and layout so that shoppers can find what they are looking for quickly and easily. Better experiences lead to more sales, so it is a virtuous circle.”

Read our latest case study on the impact of store layouts or request a demo with a member of our team.