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Understanding Consumer Behaviour Models To Drive Sales In-store

In the retail industry it is extremely important to understand your consumer buying behaviour in store to maximise sales. Validating your store layouts or store navigation should be conducted for an improved shopper experience. The customer journey is vital from the moment they enter the store to when they exit and analysing these aspects will result in an increased profit margin.

Customer mapping solutions is used to examine the shopper’s journey, monitor how long they spend in store, the items they interact with right through to purchasing items and leaving the store.

Information gained here is used to seek solutions, for instance to optimise product positioning by assessing locations, improving the layout efficiency by using the hot and cold spots analysis and expanding store penetration by measuring how much of the shop floor customers actually walk to and engage with products. Product abandonment is a constant concern and conducting analysis to reduce this is a must.

Other benefits to analysing consumer behaviour models would include looking at how to increase and strengthen repeat visitor numbers by providing a better shopping experience level for your customers with clear and engaging layouts, and the different approaches to take for increasing the sales opportunities and analysing how easy it is for the consumers to actually find what they are looking for. Evaluating the shopper journeys who come into a store seeing a product they already know to buy compared to browser shoppers who make impulse purchasers is crucial for a store to meet expectations and deliver an enjoyable shopping experience to guarantee their return.

Staff engagement with customers is another factor to highlight as it plays a key role to consumer purchases as it holds a strong influence and effect to their buying decisions. Observing how staff interact with customers, matching staff rotas to the traffic patterns of the store or staff training should all be considered.

Looking at the age and gender of consumers, the products they engage with, areas they visit and the dwell time, will allow you to understand your customers profile and behaviour in order to action necessary changes in your store to drive sales and orders.

This video here shows how understanding customer behaviour improves shopper engagement and thereby increase sales.

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