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What is Queue Management?

We define queue management as an approach used to develop more efficient systems that can reduce customer waiting times or perceived waiting times for service. The aim is to increase both the number of customers that can be served and customer satisfaction with the entire queue experience.

The measurement of the queue is achieved by the number of people’s journey through the queue system, this starts from the first point of entering a queue. In the case of a linear queue this is relatively obvious to see but if the queue starts off-line this should be the start point for measurement. The journey is then measured at all points including both abandonment and successful conclusion.

By counting how many people enter your queue and their progress the success of a queue systems can be measured. Overlaying the queue performance with your footfall means we can determine other key metrics which are crucial for survival in today’s retail climate – such as conversion rates and ATV (Average Value Transaction) relative to the queue and non-queue customers.

retail queue management

Why should I count my footfall

Calculating retail queue management performance is a key metric for store and senior managers wanting to increase sales and drive profits. By counting conversion rates and queue AVT (Average Value Transaction) retailers can identify, at any time of day – how many purchasing opportunities they have in-store and crucially by incorporating that with sales data – how many sales opportunities are being missed.
Knowing your hourly, daily and weekly retail footfall can also give retailers that extra edge to target peak hours, convert browsers into customers and ultimately optimise store performance.

Queue Management can help Store Managers with:

  • Understanding what customers are doing in-store
  • Organising their staff efficiently
  • Managing budget accordingly
  • Discovering new opportunities to drive sales
  • Evaluating and improve conversion rates

Queue Management can help Head Office with:

  • Planning with confidence
  • Understanding customer behaviour and trends
  • Assessing the real impact of a new store refit or layout
  • Discovering the best in class queue management system techniques which improve conversion rates and Average Transaction Value (ATV)
  • Using effective queue patterns and techniques
  • Optimising store layout
  • Measuring effectiveness of changes

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