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Airport People Counting

A global leader in airports

Monitor passenger flow through the airport to improve experiences, promote sales at retail stores and maximise rental income.

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Benefits of using airport people counters

With airports fast becoming destinations in their own right, operators need the right mix of retail and leisure outlets. Our people counting solutions and deep analytics help you understand the best and worst-performing areas of the airport to inform strategic and operational decision-making.

Manage occupancy

Ensure safety and deliver positive passenger experiences with live occupancy monitoring

Flexible staff scheduling

Ease congestion at key chokepoints by deploying staff in the right areas

Demonstrate demand

Attract and retain retail and restaurant brands with accurate footfall data

Tailored solutions for your airport

Fast and effective decisions

By tapping into real-time occupancy data, via our app or secure client portal, operators can monitor congestion in key areas such as check-in and security and take action before waiting times get too long. Our solutions also support facilities managers, who need to schedule cleaning and maintenance to ensure public safety, without causing unnecessary disruption.

Streamline queuing

Operators depend on our queue management systems to manage high volumes of passengers and deliver positive experiences. Call forwarding technology, deployed at common chokepoints such as security and passport control, streamlines queues by directing customers to the next available space quickly and efficiently.

Improve rental yield

Airports depend on retail and restaurant concessions to generate income – but brands need to be confident their unit will attract high footfall levels. By tracking passenger numbers, you can demonstrate ROI and secure the right rental income during lease negotiations.


Whatever the territory, we will work closely with you to understand local market needs, overcome industry-wide challenges and make the most of current and emerging opportunities.


How we help clients

Working across multiple sectors, including the travel industry, we empower teams to make effective operational and strategic decisions using the latest people counting and queue management technology, combined with our expert analysis.

Tools to power your business

The retail technology solutions we have developed over the last 30 years are increasingly being harnessed in airports and other public spaces. Whatever the scale of your operations, we capture data with above 95% accuracy to support your strategy.


More than 95% accuracy guaranteed.


Industry-leading retail data specialists.


Working together to maximise satisfaction.


Increase profits or demonstrate ROI.

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