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People Counters for Shopping Centres

Detailed analysis of footfall, customer behaviour and occupancy

Understand the impact of new stores, identify popular zones and monitor event footfall with our industry-leading people counting technology and expert insights, including live retail occupancy rates.

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Benefits of using a shopping centre people counter

Every shopping mall manager wants to know what impact a new store will have on footfall, the routes taken by different customer segments and how effective their visual displays are. Our deep analytics help you track the quality and performance of your mall and inform every decision you make, from the promotional activity and events you run, to identifying destination stores and lease negotiation.

Footfall counting

Monitor mall visits and see how different zones are performing

Maximise income

Prove how many people a mall or unit attracts for higher rental returns

Manage occupancy

Monitor current retail occupancy to ensure safety and positive customer experiences

Tailored solutions for your shopping mall

Data-driven insights

Our people counting systems track customer visits to the mall itself and different zones. With above 95% accuracy guaranteed, head office and centre managers will better understand shopper behaviour, improve experiences and drive conversions.

Leverage footfall in lease negotiations

Give retailers and restaurant operators confidence that their unit will attract the level of footfall forecast, so you receive the right rental income when leases are agreed.

Meeting operational demand

Our insights, available via a secure client portal and an easy-to-use app, show centre managers when a mall or zone is reaching maximum retail occupancy. This allows them to make fast operational decisions such as restricting entry and deploying cleaning staff in high footfall areas – and deliver safe, enjoyable shopping experiences.

Know your destination stores

Our footfall counters can be installed around the entrance of stores and restaurants, so you can identify those that attract the most visits. Capitalise on popular brands to increase visits and deliver a strong ROI for tenants and a higher rental income for the mall.


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    Uncover the customer data you need to make informed decisions that deliver ROI.

  • Customer behaviour & journey mapping >

    See how people move through a mall to identify the best and worst performing zones and stores.

  • Occupancy >

    Ensure the highest standards of safety with live occupancy data during peak periods and events.

  • Flexibility >

    Whether you want to monitor overall footfall, or see how many people visit the customer service desk, our systems can be adapted to any environment.

  • Analytics & Insights >

    Use our accurate metrics to track performance and attract customers, retailers and event organisers to your mall.

  • Operational efficiency >

    Use footfall data to schedule staff during periods and arrange maintenance at times when it will cause the least disruption.

How we help clients

At Ipsos Retail Performance, we understand the challenges and opportunities facing mall operators. From working with current and prospective tenants, to monitoring the effectiveness of displays and promotions, we develop solutions in line with your objectives.

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Work with a global leader in shopping mall footfall data and analytics

For more than 30 years, our solutions have supported mall managers and head offices’ business strategies, enabling every store to play its part in driving up performance.


More than 95% accuracy guaranteed.


Industry-leading retail data specialists.


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