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Sporting Venue People Counters


See how people move around your venue to deliver winning experiences and ensure public safety, while driving up discretionary spend and loyalty.

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A specialist in people counting

We provide people counting solutions to monitor crowds during matches and other events. The information our technology captures allows you to deploy staff in the right places to guide people through the venue safely, so they can enjoy the experience.

Data-led insights

Track performance and identify trends

Staff scheduling

Deploy staff in the right areas to manage crowds

Revenue driver

Increase discretionary spend at food and merchandise stalls

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Tailored solutions for your sports venue

Operational demand

To deliver enjoyable experiences and high safety standards, you need live retail occupancy data to identify potential chokepoints in good time. The insights you gain allow you to stagger entry, deploy staff in key areas and direct people to the next turnstile or service desk using call forwarding, part of a queue management solution.

Capitalise on fan experiences

Stadium operators, like retailers, can monitor customer footfall at any permanent or pop-up store. By tracking visits and conversions, you can determine whether stock appeals to fans and whether you need to adjust pricing and displays.

Streamline queuing

Every stadium manager understands the challenges around crowd management on match days, which is why our queue management systems have been developed to ease congestion. Whatever your objectives, our systems can be installed in any environment, enabling people to move through the space quickly and safely.


We measure our success on how well our solutions support your business. Whatever marketing or operational initiatives you implement, our data and solutions can help you deliver a strong ROI.

Solutions for your sporting venue

How we help our clients

Working across multiple sectors, including sports, we empower teams to make effective operational and strategic decisions using the latest people counting and queue management technology, combined with our expert analysis.

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Work with a global leader in retail footfall data and analytics

The retail technology solutions we have developed over the last 30 years are increasingly being harnessed in sports venues and other public spaces. Whatever the scale of your operations, we capture data with above 95% accuracy to support your strategy.


More than 95% accuracy guaranteed.


Industry-leading retail data specialists.


Working together to maximise satisfaction.


Increase profits or demonstrate ROI.


Using our data, the Ipsos Traffic Count app gives managers the tools they need to make operational decisions on-the-go. With access to real-time and historical store data, they can schedule staff according to visitor volumes and see instantly whether the sporting venue is reaching maximum occupancy.

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