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Consumer Path to Purchase Tools & Analysis

See what steps a customer takes before purchase

In the omni-channel world, you need to understand how shoppers behave and what is likely to generate a sale.


Unlock a world of opportunity

Depending on the value of product, and how frequently it is purchased, a customer’s path to purchase has always been complex. The process typically involved deciding they wanted it or needed it, choosing a store and comparing prices.

Digital technology has added another layer of complexity to this journey. People can now compare more products at different prices, both online and in-store. Even if they buy something from the first store they walked into, they may also have browsed multiple retailer websites during their visit.

We use retail WiFi analytics to help you build accurate customer profiles, even before they have walked into the store. Whatever your engagement strategies, our analytics allow you to build a complete view of the customer journey, as well as optimise window and store displays.

Alongside this, we can track shopper behaviour in a store, allowing you to pinpoint the moments when they are most likely to buy. This data is the first step in creating engaging experiences and improving store layout, so shoppers find what they are looking for or are inspired to make an impulse purchase.

Work with a global leader in customer journey mapping

Our team of experts have developed a strong global expertise in path to purchase and shopper research. Major retailers, transport and leisure operators trust our solutions to deliver the quality data they need to deliver successful strategies.

Target the right shoppers

Identify which touchpoints are most influential in generating sales

Optimize your planogram

Our Adjacencies will show you how to optimise category composition

Succeed at Point of Purchase

We offer a modular portfolio of POS activation testing solutions

Uncover retailer equity

Compare why shoppers prefer different retailers and the key elements that drive equity

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