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Retail Occupancy Counter: Measuring Live Store Occupancy

Are you prepared for the ‘new normal’?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are having to comply with governments guidance and restrictions on the number of visitors at sites such as pharmacies, supermarkets, hospitals and other public services.


Are there social distancing measures at your store or site?

Measure and manage your occupancy levels to help comply with the new government social distancing restrictions.

Our enhanced live occupancy solution can be implemented and customised to your specific requirements. This can be configured with screen displays at the entrance to your store or site that quickly informs customers whether it is safe to enter or for them to wait until someone exits because maximum occupancy has been reached. Also, the technology can be configured with automatic door closures and door locking systems.

You can use this solution in addition to your current suppliers’ traffic data. We estimate you receiving Occupancy data within 24-48 hours from receipt of order with no need for a physical visit.

Don’t have traffic counting technology installed? Don’t worry, call us so we can get this sorted in a short time.



Face Mask Detection

Our sensors can recognize if a visitor is wearing a face mask in real time and will instantly report this information to you making it easier to measure. It can also provide percentage rates of how many people actually wear masks.

This new software plugin is simply added to your sensor to help you stay in control of what is happening at your site or location with immediate alerts.

Have access to live occupancy data, so you can make decisions on the go!

  • Set your store / site occupancy thresholds
  • Live occupancy dashboards
  • Automatic notifications
  • Multiple doors and wide entrances
  • 24 / 7 / 365 support and remote set up available
  • Compliance reports
  • Traffic light system for customers
  • Staff Exclusion option
  • Quick and easy setup that’s self-installable!

We can help you to comply with occupancy limits

Ipsos Social Distancing People Counter assist businesses and companies to help comply with safe occupancy limits at their store or site for the safety of customers and staff.


Easy to ready displays which informs customers if it’s safe to enter or to wait until occupancy reduces


Stay informed when capacity levels are breached with SMS or email alerts

Live Occupancy Traffic Count

Access to live and historical data, so managers can make operational decisions on-the-go

Automatic opening and closing of gates

Our automated system opens the gate when the store is empty and closes the gate when occupancy is reached

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How we help clients

Working across a multitude of sectors, including aviation, we empower teams to make effective operational and strategic decisions using the latest people counting and occupancy management technology, combined with our expert analysis.

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“The health and safety of both our team members and customers are of utmost importance to us. Re-opening our fabulous department store is now fast approaching and we have been taking all necessary precautions to ensure a safe environment for all. We have been collaborating with our long standing Footfall Counting service provider , Ipsos, to develop a bespoke Occupancy count system. We are now at advanced stages of implementing and are very confident that the Traffic light style format is going to be a real winner in helping us manage and control the number of people entering our Store’’

Sean Deegan, Arnotts


  • How will the Social Distancing Live Occupancy Counter help my business?

    Designed as a measure for the COVID-19 pandemic, it helps businesses monitor and control the amount of visitors they have in their estate in real time.

  • How will I be able to see the Live Occupancy?

    Our reporting platform Fusion Hub will let you see the live Occupancy which in turn means you are able to monitor the amount of visitors you have to ensure you do not exceed the desired threshold. In addition to this the reporting platform can be displayed on screens by your entrance. IRP are able to provide screens should they be required and we are also able to personalise the message your visitors will see.

  • What technology do I need and do you supply this?

    We have been installing counting technology for over 30 years and for the Social Distancing Live Occupancy Counter we would use our existing portfolio of Shopper Count sensors. These are typically installed on the ceiling above your entrance and we would pick the most suitable type based on your door width/ceiling height.

    If you already have a sensor installed, and it is a specific brand, then we are still able to offer the Social Distancing Live Occupancy in addition to your current footfall counting; please contact us to discuss.

  • Do you send alerts or automatically open/close entrances?

    Yes we are able to do both of these. The Social Distancing Live Occupancy Counter will automatically send alerts to you when the desired threshold is reached. In addition to this we are able to program automatic entrances to operate accordingly.