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Retail Queue Management Systems, Solutions & Software

Reduce waiting times for better customer experiences

Our electronic queue management systems help you improve customer satisfaction in shops, restaurants, airports and attractions. Get in touch with our team to find out more.


Improve the customer experience in stores and QSRs with efficient queuing procedures

Maintaining excellent customer service during peak periods is one of the biggest challenges facing managers in shops, quick service restaurants (QSRs) and leisure venues.

A good queue management system & software allows them to carry on browsing while waiting to be served, helping to drive additional sales and improve their perceptions of the brand.

Complete queuing solutions

What is queue management system?

Our queuing management solutions give you the data you need to identify trends, make operational decisions and increase sales opportunities.

Using mobile queue management system software, customers book a place using their phone and continue browsing until they are served, rather than standing in line, which reduces the frustration and boredom associated with long waiting times.

Queue management systems for store managers

Use our queue management tools to schedule staff in line with customer demand to deliver positive experiences. We’ll also help you discover the best days and times to drive conversions, as well as understand the impact walk-in shoppers and queued shoppers have on Average Transaction Value (ATV) and sales.

Queue management systems for area managers

Queuing data provides invaluable insights for area managers who want to manage customer flow and identify where there are growth opportunities. See whether marketing campaigns contributed to higher footfall, and measure the impact of your queue management solution, and any staff training, on conversion rates.

Queue management systems for head office

When you understand queuing times, you can evaluate and optimise store layouts, and measure the impact of marketing activities and queue product placements. The data also allows you to uncover consumer trends, measure the success of a new store concept or refit and provide evidence for lease negotiations.

Redefining customer experiences

Retailers and leisure operators trust our tailored queue management systems to manage high customer volumes, and deliver excellent service.

Suitable for peak periods during the day, and during events, our call forward technology prompts people to go to the next service desk or gate, quickly and easily. We also offer mobile queuing solutions, so people do not have to wait in line until they are served. They can simply book a place using their phone.

Powered by our quality data, the Ipsos Traffic Count app gives managers the tools they need to make operational decisions on-the-go. With access to real-time and historical store data, they can schedule staff according to customer volumes and spend more time on the shop floor and less in the back office. Also valuable in large public spaces, such as entertainment venues, airports, shopping malls and attractions, the app helps operators see instantly whether it is reaching maximum occupancy.

Our Queue Management Services at a glance

The tools to power your business

With experience in the retail, leisure and entertainment sectors, we deliver the tools and expertise you need to make better operational and strategic decisions. We offer customizable dashboards, so teams can quickly identify any problems and untapped opportunities.

Analysis and technology

Cutting-edge technology with expert data analysis

Retail sector specialist

More than 30 years’ experience working in retail environments.

50+ global locations

A global business that understands local markets


Deep understanding of footfall data and sector trends.

How we help clients

Read our case study to see how we implemented a queue management system at Scotland’s busiest airport, as passenger numbers grow.


  • What do your queue solutions provide?

    Our electronic queuing solutions help you to optimize performance in retail and leisure outlets. We will crunch the numbers to help you identify the most up-to-date customer trends, as well as find out what’s happening in your store, restaurant, location and why.
    Managing high volumes of customers at peak periods is not simply about moving them through the checkout as quickly as possible. This is why many retailers are redefining shopper experiences using queue management systems. A mobile queue management system, for example, allows customers to book a place using their phone and continue browsing until they are served.
    As well as taking the stress, boredom and frustration out of waiting in line, these solutions provide actionable insights for teams at every level.

  • What are the benefits of using a queue management system?

    Improved customer experience in your store, restaurant or location, labour planning (staff scheduling), and savings.

  • What are the benefits to store managers?

    – Understand the factors driving sales
    – Match your staffing pattern with queue system performance
    – Make better use of budgets
    – Discover the days and times when you are most likely to improve conversion rates
    – Evaluate and target poor-performing hours to improve conversions
    – Understand the relationship impact of walk-in shoppers and queued shoppers has on store performance based on Average Transaction Value (ATV) and conversions

  • What are the benefits to area managers?

    – Find out whether marketing initiatives delivered more traffic to stores and if people queued
    – Identify and learn from how stores manage different types of customer flows
    – Highlight stores with the best growth opportunities
    – Measure the impact of new service training programmes and queue interventions on conversion rates and basket sizes
    – Evaluate loyalty card events and see whether they drive additional traffic, when you should use them and if customers are buying or simply enjoying the event.

  • What are the benefits to Head office?

    – Plan with confidence for the future
    – Understand customer trends
    – Assess the real impact of a new store concept or refit
    – Discover the best-in-class queue management system practices that improve conversion rates and ATV
    – Use queue patterns, both online and offline, for discussions during lease negotiations
    – Evaluate and optimize store layout performance
    – Measure effectiveness of changes to the marketing mix
    – Understand the impact of in queue product placements

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