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Retail Analytics, Data Insight & Reports

Get to know your customers

Trust our retail reports to anticipate customers’ needs and monitor performance


Online retailers have long benefited from data and insights when targeting new and existing customers with products and special offers. But bricks-and-mortar stores, as well as restaurants, airports and attractions, can also use data-led insights to predict behaviour and forecast demand.


At Ipsos Retail Performance, industry-leading hardware and software are only the start. What really sets us apart is an in-house team of data analysts who crunch the numbers and deliver insights you can act on. Whatever your plans, we’ll provide the evidence you need to make them a success.

Retail analytics

We use predictive analytics to help you understand your customers’ needs and monitor retail performance. Combining store performance and behavioural metrics (such as browsing and transactions) with wider trend analysis, our custom retail insights are key to better decision-making.

Shine a spotlight on top stores

Detailed insights enable you to identify best practice stores and benchmark footfall differences across regions, sectors and stores.

With these insights, you can then roll out initiatives that work across the wider estate.

Bigger picture

Benchmark your business with an overview of the economic and retail landscape. Published monthly, our easy-to-read Weathermaps provide the clearest forecasts of UK retail footfall trends. Based on more than 3.1 billion shopper visits a year, they show where the bright spells are, comparison to last year and the latest footfall predictions.

Shopper Analytics & Reports at a glance

The tools to power your business

With experience in the retail, leisure and entertainment sectors, we deliver the tools and expertise you need to make better operational and strategic decisions. Wherever you are in the world, our 24/7/365 dedicated data validation team will make sense of the data, so you don’t have to.

Analysis and technology

Combines cutting-edge technology with expert data analysis and insight delivery

Retail sector specialist

More than 30 years’ experience working in retail environments


Access to live and historical data, so managers can make operational decisions on-the-go


Instant access to accurate and reliable data for confident decision making. More than 95% accuracy guaranteed


  • Do you have benchmark insights and reports?

    Alongside monitoring your own store performance, we provide key estate and sector analysis so you can benchmark your conversion rates, with that of your competitors. Using this insight, you can pinpoint which stores are falling below average and have the potential for improvement.
    Working closely with the customer-facing members at the store, we empower them to drive forward sales by setting practical strategies that will help meet and exceed targets.

  • What will conversion rates help to identity?

    – Benchmark conversion performance compared to competitors
    – Improve store performance with performance tracking of store teams and operations
    – Target merchandise and evaluate strength of product appeal for targeted merchandising
    – Optimize sales and measure the impact of price competitiveness and discounting campaigns
    – Enhance customer service with ongoing monitoring and improvement strategies
    – Plan compelling strategies aligned with changes in consumers spending patterns and habits

  • What do the insights from your analytics and reports show?

    – Representative of the sub-sector mix covering footwear and fashion, health and beauty, variety and general retailers, DIY and garden centres, electrical and mobile, stationery and books, jewellery and accessories, and sports and outdoor
    – Available with regional and selective sub-sector splits
    – Weekly report tracking client conversion rate balance versus the comparison set, plotted over time
    – Configured to match client reporting periods
    – Simple means of benchmarking conversion rate changes and performance against the market
    – Establishes the strength of trend in conversion rates across the client estate and the retail market

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