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Vegan Trends in the U.S

Vegan population in U.S

Veganism in the US has grown from obscurity to become a mainstream part of the American diet. Since 2004, the number of Americans turning plant-based has reached 9.7 million people, growing from around 290,000 over a period of 15 years.

Our team examined where this change is being driven across the country, investigating Google search trends to see which states expressed the most interest in plant-based diets over time.

Explore our interactive chart below to see how Google Search interest in veganism changed in each state. Click each year to see the change.

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Using Google Search data, we were able to determine the levels of interest in vegan and plant-based diets in the United States over the period 2004 to 2019.

The search data is compiled state-by-state to build up a picture of interest over the period, each state’s degree of interest is represented using a colour scale to denote intensity of interest.

States highlighted in green represent those with a high interest in vegan/plant-based diets, those highlighted in red denote states with the least interest.