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Black Friday versus Cyber Monday in Canada

Trends and Insights

An Ipsos survey, conducted between November 8th and 13th 2018, on behalf of Best Buy Canada found that Black Friday still trumps Cyber Monday as the preferred shopping day in Canada. In fact, nearly twice as many Canadians indicated that they were more likely to shop on Black Friday (36%) as opposed to Cyber Monday (19%).

The holiday season is when many Canadians head to the mall, or increasingly online, to take advantage of some of the deals that retailers are offering during the holiday shopping season.  The survey revealed that a majority (54%) of Canadians were likely to take part in Black Friday or Cyber Monday this year, while 46% have no plans to shop on either day.

Interestingly, the way we shop continues to evolve. Millennials (18-34) are more likely to pick Black Friday (49%) over Cyber Monday (28%) as their preferred shopping day, despite growing up in a digital age.

When asked which loved ones are the most difficult to shop for, spouses topped the list (17% female spouse; 16% male spouse), followed by children (14%), parents, in-laws, coworkers, siblings and grandparents (3%).


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