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Here at Ipsos Retail Performance our busy team undertakes a number of duties. This blog concludes our ‘week in the life of’ series for our account managers. Read the first part of the week here.

Wednesday is generally an office based day in which we write up client proposals, catch up on email and phone messages and ensure we are up to speed with all our client’s projects progression. Further to this, we create internal tickets for closing/refit stores from store plans – ensuring we don’t estimate unknown data and create gaps or unknowns in our client’s data.

The afternoon is spent in a Zonal Subject Matter Expert (SME) meeting. Each department here at Ipsos Retail Performance is represented on the team which has eight members and our role is to ensure that our solution is fit for purpose and ready to be delivered to clients. Collectively, we identify any gaps in knowledge or process and flesh out how to move the solution forward.

We have three store managers coming into the business on Thursday for a training module. A couple of us lead the session in which the client is trialling our staff review module and we provide the training on how best to utilise the tool and offer further insight into its benefits. The productivity manager who is driving the project is also in attendance alongside the store’s regional manager.

This workshop also allows us to look at the client’s traffic trends against other UK retailers, assessing how brand and marketing activity are impacting on the business. In addition to this we offer store manager training and coaching in order to improve client stores conversion rates and service delivery meetings to track KPIs.

Friday is another office based day, allowing us to put the quarterly insights pack together for a client looking at footfall and conversion rate trends over the last quarter. We draw insights from stores which have performed well and those which have not done as well as hoped. We dive deep into the under-performing store, looking at where improvements could be implemented – identifying weekly or even daily trends which could be actioned.

As with any successful client facing business it pays to deliver what’s promised and more besides. The account manager role is extremely rewarding – especially when our clients achieve fantastic results too.

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