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Ipsos Retail Performance acquires Viewsy

Ipsos Retail Performance

Leading global retail and footfall consultant, Ipsos Retail Performance, has acquired the ongoing business of Viewsy, a location analytics business for the retail sector.

The deal will see its existing client contracts, plus streams of the company, including People Counting and In-store Wi-Fi analytics move under the control of Ipsos Retail Performance.

Peter Luff, president of Ipsos Retail Performance, said:

“This acquisition of Viewsy is exciting news as part of our continued growth strategy in which we’re looking to further cement our position as leading retail consultants. This move will help us reach our business goals as well as adding value to the existing clients on our books.”

As a part of the purchase, Ipsos Retail Performance has declined to take up the option of Street Counting with Wi-Fi, due to upcoming GDPR legislation.

Peter added:

“Not only is our data accurate but we are the only footfall consultants who adhere to external accreditation of ISO 9001, 2700, 20252 and ensure that the data we collect is entirely anonymous and compliant with the upcoming GDPR legislation.

“These new assets will add further variety to our expanding client base, as we look to demonstrate how people counting, workforce management, Wi-Fi capabilities, queuing and customer journey management, can all improve performance, enhancing the customer experience in the retail, leisure and hospitality industries.”

Odera Ume-Ezeoke, founder and CEO of Viewsy, said:

“This announcement marks a significant new milestone for retail technology. Ipsos Retail Performance and Viewsy have a shared aim to deliver the benefits of online analytics to brick and mortar retailers and beyond.

“Our customers, partners, and most of all, the innovation community have supported us in our mission to make the real world an easier place to do business and we know that Ipsos Retail Performance will continue to deliver key analysis to the retail and leisure industries.”

Ipsos Retail Performance is one of the world’s leading retail consultancies specialising in footfall monitoring, customer journey tracking and in-store behavioural research.

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