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Irisys People Counting Technology: Advanced Logic

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Footfall insights need to be based on accurate and reliable data in order for retailers to see improved store performance. To facilitate the process, innovative and industry leading technology has to be used to capture the in-store data.  

We invited Mike Critchlow from one of our technology suppliers; Irisys to explain a bit more about advanced count lines and what this means for retailers. 

One of the features of Irisys technology, which users around the world are taking advantage of, is the advanced count line technology. Allowing for detailed analysis of the data, this feature is used to analyse customer flow, and can even be used to identify behaviour such as those people who enter a shop but then turn around in the building entrance and leave straight away.

Every one of these people represents a lost sales opportunity for retailers, so you must identify when this happens  and take action at the appropriate time to minimise the effect.

How does Irisys work?

Firstly, Irisys sensors detect the movement of a person and track them through the area by the door directly beneath the unit. At the time of installation, separate virtual IN and OUT count lines are configured within this area and as people are tracked across those lines, the corresponding IN and OUT register totals will increment.

These ‘basic’ lines can be configured anywhere in the field of view of the counter to ensure accurate counting in every installation. Only people moving through the counting area and across the count lines are counted; static objects in the area are not seen at all. Irisys infrared cameras are unaffected by low light, or variable light levels, and will even work in complete darkness.

Additionally, we can utilise an advanced logic register, this ‘Sequential’ register type is also available to operate with the IN and OUT lines. Anyone who enters and is tracked across the IN line but is then immediately tracked across the OUT line, will be counted as a separate U-turn event, which can be ignored if necessary. Through a combination of up to 16 possible count lines and the other advanced line logic functions of the people counter, you can gain a powerful insight into your customer’s behaviour.

Irisys sensors are highly reliable, with no moving parts, and once configured they rarely need any kind of adjustments, and very little maintenance, giving an industry leading low cost of ownership. You can also preserve customer confidentiality, since no identifiable data is recorded.

The powerful capabilities of Irisys sensors allow our partners to give world-leading hardware to end-users, and combine this with analysis software that delivers valuable, real-time intelligence.

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