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Problem In The Bagging Area? – Why Self-Service Tills Are A Turn Off For Consumers

Customer Experience

Self-Service checkouts are pushing customers away, as a new survey reveals one in three shoppers have walked out of a store without buying because of a bad experience with a self-service till.

At a time when many high street retailers are moving towards self-service, the study from Tensator highlights this is not yet a cut and dry queue management solution.

With consumer dissatisfaction ranging from the irritating voice telling you there is ‘a problem in the bagging area,’ to having to call for assistance to get products ‘approved’  – retailers need to ask themselves if they are getting it right.

Other statistics from the survey revealed:

84 per cent of those questioned said they needed staff assistance when using a self-service checkout

60 per cent would have preferred using traditional staffed tills

More than 40 per cent cited technical glitches as the most annoying aspect of self-service tills.

More than half believed it took longer to get through a self-scan till than a normal till.

“Technically self-service checkout tills should be a win-win for everyone. Consumers should be able to serve themselves a bit quicker and auto tills should allow retailers to use their staff more efficiently – replenishing stock and helping customers rather than just taking their money,” says Tim Denison, Director of Intelligence at Ipsos Retail Performance.

“But clearly these figures show retailers aren’t getting it right. At the moment they are not reducing staff as they try to get over the hurdle of changing consumer behaviour to make them feel more comfortable and familiar using the machines. The technology has started delivering solutions, but it clearly has a long way to go before they can truly call themselves self-service.”

“Queuing is an increasingly important area to shoppers. We are increasingly impatient and expect to be served quicker than we are. With the growth in online sales, retailers need to focus on improving the customer experience and queue management systems are key to achieving that.”

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