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RBTE 2018 Preview: Rising expectations of convenience – the pressing issue for retailers


Ahead of our appearance at the Retail Business Technology Expo 2018 in May, Tim Joint, Head of Sales and Marketing, looks at why consumers’ expectations of a more convenient experience should be front of mind for retailers.

With only one month to go before we visit to RBTE 2018, Tim Joint looked into the major themes we’re expecting to see at the Expo such as experiential and connected retail. The move towards a seamless customer experience along the ‘path to purchase’ is another trend we expect to resonate across the sector over the coming years.

At this year’s RBTE, our team will be demonstrating our Ipsos Traffic Count App, which enables in-store staff to quickly view a snapshot of usable data to enable a quick response to changing in-store conditions according to KPIs such as footfall and conversion rates.

We developed the app in collaboration with our clients, driven by a strong need to offer a more streamlined experience to consumers. The main goal of the app is to enable store staff to spend more time on the shop floor with their customers in order to offer a more personalised and efficient shopping journey.

It could be said that attempting to create a seamless experience reflects a step ‘back to basics’ for retailers in a testing environment. However, there are now so many touch points for customers that stores cannot afford to ignore them. Consumers are an increasingly demanding audience, and expect things quicker than ever, so providing convenience will be a key aim for retailers.

One example of this rise in demand for convenient options is click and collect. According to a recent report by YouGov, more than half of UK adults used click and collect in 2017 and the evidence suggests that retailers are starting to get this platform right. The market is expected to grow by 78 percent by 2020, to £8.2 billion*.

Click and collect offers huge benefits to both retailers and customers. Shoppers can avoid delivery costs, speed up the delivery process and collect at their convenience, for example, on a lunch break or before/after working hours.

For retailers, click and collect reflects a natural progression to encourage customers back into brick-and-mortar stores where they can connect and enhance the customer experience.

Another example of retailers embracing a more convenient in-store experience for shoppers, is the rising adoption of mobile checkouts. The flagship Amazon Go store was a prominent early-adopter of cashier-less stores, but we are seeing more retailers explore this technology. For example, the Co-Op is one of many grocery retailers currently trialling an app which will enable customers to pay for purchases in the aisle and avoid checkouts completely.

This is the sort of technology we are looking forward to seeing more of at RBTE. The expectations of the consumer are changing at a rapid pace and retailers must be agile to keep up. With the intelligent use of retail analytics, store managers can ensure that they have all of the tools necessary to stay one step ahead.

The Ipsos Retail Performance team will be demonstrating the Traffic Count app on stand G146 at RBTE. For more information and to book a meeting with us, please click here

Not able to make RBTE? Why not request a call with a member of the team to discuss your challenges.

* Source: JDA/Centiro Customer Pulse Report Europe 2017 

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