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Top 5 reasons to know what’s happening in your store

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It can be easy to lose sight as to why in store analytics are so important to your store’s decision making process. We list the Top 5 reasons why it’s good to know what’s happening in your store…

  1. 68% of shoppers leave a brand due to a poor shopper experience – If you aren’t providing an engaging shopping experience but your competitors are, chances are you’re missing out on valuable sales opportunities
  2. 81% of shoppers are likely to share a negative shopping experience on social media – An unhappy shopper wants to share their experience to family, friends, acquaintances and anyone that will listen. With the added power of social media, it’s increasingly important to create brand advocates, not brand adversaries
  3. 38% would consider permanently shopping elsewhere – If they have a bad experience, consumers are more that willing to go elsewhere. Not understanding your shopper’s behavior could result in a sharp drop of your market share. Delve into these pinch points and remove any reason to lose shoppers
  4. 68% of all purchases are unplanned & 70% of brand choices are made in-store – The majority of purchases are impulse buys. Once shoppers are inside, you have won half the battle, now it’s just a matter of getting them to the check out. Knowing what your customers are looking for and offering assistance will increase your chance of converting a sale
  5. Only 5% of shoppers remain loyal to a particular brand – As brand loyalty declines, it’s increasingly important to keep customers happy so that they remain loyal and keep entering your store. Keep queue times to a minimum, remove bottle necks and understand the effect of different price points to seize every passing shopper.

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