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Year-on-year growth for Black Friday footfall

Retail Traffic

UK retail footfall on Black Friday was up +0.95% on 2016, with 42% of retailers experiencing footfall growth.

What does the Retail Traffic Index tell us about footfall on Black Friday?

The Ipsos Retail Performance Retail Traffic Index (RTI) is derived from the number of individual shoppers entering over 4,000 non-food retail stores across the UK.

Dr Tim Denison, director of retail intelligence at Ipsos Retail Performance, commented:

“The scenes in stores up and down the country thankfully didn’t repeat the chaos and madding crowds of 2014 – however, retailers will be happy to see some controlled growth on last year’s footfall.

“There had been much conjecture this year about whether Black Friday would be a hit or miss with UK shoppers, and many retailers followed the lead of their US counterparts, extending their promotional campaigns over two weeks or more, which did risk diluting the impact of the event.”

Fortunes were mixed, which reflected the varying emphasis retailers gave to online or in-store campaigns in their Black Friday strategy. Following the success of online and mobile sales last year, many retailers sunk more time and effort into their digital campaigns.

Dr Tim Denison continued:

“The million pound question on everyone’s lips now is how will Christmas shopping fare in the wake of the Black Friday promotional campaigns? Last year, sales were pulled forward by the increased November activity, and as we move into December, we’re expecting to see a repeat of last year’s pattern with footfall slow to build, after Black Friday has taken the stuffing out of bargain-hunters, but we’re predicting a resurgence of activity in the last week before Christmas.”


To read more about Black Friday, download our white paper here.

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