An introduction to Shopping Centre Investments

In partnership with Bayfield Training

An introduction to Shopping Centre Investments

In partnership with Bayfield Training

20-22 May 2019

Highly integrated course delivers an understanding of shopping centres as a financial opportunity. You will identify the features and needs of different shopping centres using case studies throughout the course. You will also have the opportunity to try our ground-breaking game “The perfect mall” competing with your peers.

On this course you will:

  • Review the Definition, History, Economics, Evolution and Lifecycle of Shopping Centres
  • Review the conceptual frameworks used to understand who adds value and at what stage in the project or investment lifecycle
  • Learn about data types, data collection techniques and external data sources useful in calculating shopping centre KPIs
  • Use KPIs to help understand, position and adapt to catchments and markets
  • Learn about retailers, retail space requirement and product mix
  • Learn how to use data visualisation techniques to understand and create ‘effective’ and ‘optimised’ shopping centre design and leasing strategies
  • Analyse a detailed financial model of an existing centre with fully flexible rent functions
  • Use KPIs and Financial Modelling to Incorporate shopping centre management, sustainability features and asset enhancement solutions
  • Compete with your peers to create the most sustainable and investable shopping centre in our simulation game “The Perfect Mall”

Who will benefit from this course?

  • Professionals who are new to investing in shopping centres
  • Real Estate Professionals who would like to update their knowledge of the investment of retail assets
  • Shopping centre managers who would like to communicate more effectively with investors and owners on the financial impact of their management strategies
  • Suppliers to shopping centres to help them quantify and communicate how their product can add value
  • Data companies’ providers who would like to further understand the needs of shopping centre investors in order to help them improve their service
  • Graduate students who would like to learn about shopping centres
  • Analyst and modellers who would like to improve their understanding of financial models in respect of retail property assets

Bayfield, in partnership with Ipsos Retail Performance, is delivering the next Introduction to Shopping Centre Investments course on the 20-22 May 2019 in London.

If you are an Ipsos Retail Performance client and would like to attend this course, you can benefit from a 10% discount on the course price. Use the discount code: Ipsos10

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About Bayfield Training

Bayfield Training has been established for two decades and has considerable levels of experience training real estate investors and their consultants across the globe. We are the first company in the world to teach the full spectrum of real estate investment strategy and analytics.

Our short courses draw from real estate economics, experience and entrepreneurialism using case studies to bring to life any type of asset or process. In addition, all our courses are tied together using financial models, ensuring the maximum relevance of our content to you and your team.

Bayfield have developed several Retail Property Investment courses and have become the Retail Property Specialist. We understand the retail real estate paradigm shift, develop the course materials with the brightest minds in the arena and use case studies to enhance delegates learning experience.

These courses have been created to fill the gap in the retail property market and are the first of their kind.

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An introduction to Shopping Centre Investments

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