Establish your customer profile and personalize communications to increase sales

Increase the impact of marketing campaigns with personalized and timely messages to passing traffic.

Increase the impact of marketing campaigns with personalized and timely messages to passing traffic.

Do you know your customer profile? Your target customer profile and your actual in-store visitor may be very different.

Enhance the in-store experience by identifying your customer profile to understand how different shoppers navigate your store, interact with merchandise and engage with sales associates.  Create valuable customer profiles which transfer into successful marketing campaigns, improved store layout and targeted merchandising that boosts traffic and sales.

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  • Convert more browsers to buyers using targeted messaging
  • Effectively plan workforce productivity and identify different types of shopper that call on shop assistants for service
  • Improve marketing ROI and target marketing messages to different shopper profiles
  • Enhance product appeal with shopper profile insights
  • Implement innovative strategies combining both footfall analytics and customer demographics

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The insights

The identity of customers and their purchase history and patterns are fundamentals in retail analytics. Capturing demographic and profile statistics on those that come into stores, but don’t make purchases is equally insightful. Such data provides feedback on opportunities failing to be converted.

Generating patterns on how different profiles of people shop stores, interact with merchandise, engage with colleagues and navigate spaces introduces another level of granularity in the quest to understand shoppers better. The era of retailing to the mass market is over. Shoppers increasingly want personalized offers and experiences. Knowledge of the demographics of buyers and browsers helps refine offers and measure the success of target market appeal.

Some of the key metrics measured include:

  • Audience Counts: the number of people who have viewed the area under analysis
  • Average Impression Length: the dwell times
  • Shopper Gender
  • Shopper Age Band
  • Opportunity to See: how many people walked past the display and what ratio actually stopped to look

So, if you want customer insights on shopper gender, we can tell you:

  • The sex of the shopper viewing the area
  • The different dwell times of male and female shoppers
  • How long men are looking at a specific display compared to women
  • How to make your visual displays work harder to match gender types
  • The impact a change in merchandising or visual messaging has on dwell times

If you want customer insight on Shopper age bands, we can tell you:

  • The age range of shoppers who viewed the display
  • Which age groups spent the most time looking at the specific area
  • How to make those displays work harder by matching content to the customer age group
  • The impact a change in merchandising or visual messaging has on dwell times

How does it work?

Powered by pioneering facial recognition software, the system uses video sensors to take the co-ordinates of the shopper’s eyes, nose and mouth and working against a database of co-ordinates, can determine the gender and age of the shopper.

Our face detection sensors can log facial patterns of shoppers who are looking at any specified item such as visual messaging, a window or digital screen and then log that data to create customer demographic profiles.

  • Understanding who your customers are, and what marketing campaigns or POS they engage with is like gold dust for any marketing department. From this you can create targeted messages and make the most of promotional space  in store.
    Kelly Fairchild, Subject Matter Expert, Ipsos Retail Performance



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