Where do your customers go?

Validate store layouts or store navigation for improved shopper engagement

Intensify profit margins with strategic product placements in areas of high exposure.

Intensify profit margins with strategic product placements in areas of high exposure.

Track your customer’s activity across your entire store or mall to determine the various levels of product exposure, engagement, travel and navigational complexities they encounter.

Use insights to offer your customers a carefree shopping experience, which encourages movement and exploration, which will fundamentally improve conversion and transaction value.

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  • Improve layout efficiency with hot and cold spot analysis in retail spaces
  • Expand store penetration and measure how much of the shop floor customers walk and shop
  • Reduce product abandonment and remove navigational bottlenecks that are barriers to movement
  • Strengthen repeat visitor numbers and meet shopping experience levels with clear and engaging layouts
  • Increase sales opportunities and the ease with which customers find what they are looking for
  • Optimize product positioning with location based destination analysis

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The insights

Tracking the navigational areas that shoppers take around retail spaces, whether stores or malls, provides great feedback on the success of a layout.

Good retailing is generally about exposing as much of a store’s merchandise, to as many shoppers over as long a period as possible. A layout design needs to facilitate:

  • Flow
  • Encourages movement from one zone to another
  • Exploration and progression

For shoppers who are on a mission, being able to see and find straightaway what they have come in to buy, is just as critical. Knowing the types of in-store journeys, that shoppers make is key to meeting their expectations and delivering a shopping experience that will ensure that they return.

The same holds true for shopping malls or any other retail space. Establishing the common areas that shoppers follow, the location of the “honey pot” destinations, the clock map of movement also helps optimize the location of amenities, the service schedule of facilities and the tenant mix.

  • Ipsos Retail Performance are able to tell us where our bottlenecks are, what signage is working and areas that need improving. It means we can make the most of short sales opportunities at sporting events and roadshows.
    Chris Bailes, Head of Account Management at Kitbag


Where do your customers go?

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