Cloud Reporting for Retail

Cloud reporting offers instant access to store data, reports and insight

Make critical store improvements and impact revenues by using regular reports that are easily accessible.

Make critical store improvements and impact revenues by using regular reports that are easily accessible.

Viewing in store analytics from a central cloud reporting platform gives you the ability to manage your store’s complete performance metrics in one location.

Instantly access the insights that can improve traffic flow, manage staff scheduling, benchmark chainwide performances and efficiently plan merchandise levels to grow your all-important conversion rate.

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  • Real time decision making via quick and easy access to store data
  • Seize sales opportunities by monitoring key footfall and conversion trends
  • Increase productivity by scheduling sales teams to meet footfall demand at peak periods
  • Add diary notes on events and promotions to easily compare year-on-year changes
  • Easy global implementation through multiple languages options
  • Tailored reports through the provision of personalized modules to suit small boutiques or multinational chains
  • Additional enhancements and evolving features to grow alongside your business

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The Insights

Designed in partnership with retailers, the easy to use and intuitive software enables you to view and analyze the performance of stores; from anywhere. A simple version of your data is also available on our in-store Ipsos Traffic Count App – an easy way to view your key figures on the go, giving staff more time on the shop floor to offer great customer service.

Enhancements are part and parcel of the package, our ethos at Ipsos Retail Performance is to ensure we add value throughout your lifetime journey with us.

Your portal can report on multiple stores and offers daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reporting, as well as showing comparisons between stores which allows you to benchmark your chain from a Retail Operations perspective.

Reports available include:

We understand that each business is different, so if you have bespoke KPIs we can personalize your reporting platform with specific modules.

  • Rather than simply relying on historical sales data, we could measure footfall throughout the day as changes were being implemented. Conversion rates became a more important indicator and in fact the data that we were getting became more crucial to store teams.
    Elise Williams, Liberation Manager, Homebase


Cloud Reporting for Retail

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