Retail Analytics & Insights

Understand the retail environment and make informed business decisions to drive store performance

Radically transform a store’s sales performance by using valuable retail analytics and compile the complete shopper experience

Radically transform a store’s sales performance by using valuable retail analytics and compile the complete shopper experience

Combining your store’s performance and behavioral metrics with independent analytics of external trends and performances. The unique and tailored retail insights will allow you to define and strengthen your strategic decision-making and planning.

You will be able to reinforce strategic and operational decisions with wider research and use the knowledge to increase efficiency and performance.

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  • Strengthen internal decisions with a selection of compelling external retail trend analysis
  • Grow store performance by validating conversion rate performance against competitors
  • Identify best practice stores and benchmark footfall differences across regions, sectors and stores
  • Fast and informed decision making with rounded overviews of the retail and economic environment
  • Window displays in the fashion sector have the power to convert a casual browser into a satisfied buyer. Tracking how many people walk past the window with little to no engagement compared to how many people are enticed in store is a strong indication of when displays need to be changed or improved.
  • Consumer confidence, disposable income and economic conditions affect how consumers shop. Knowing when these levels dip and what causes them is a time consuming yet fundamental task for all retailers – especially jewellers. A synopsis of the retail environment helps plan short term strategy, both at head office and store level.
  • Telecommunication is a competitive business; consumers are likely to choose the provider offering them the best value. As a store you could be experiencing unusual conversion rates compared to the others in the estate. Monitoring the conversion rate of the telecommunication sector as a whole will validate the true strength of individual store conversion rates.
  • The Health and Beauty market is saturated with promotional offers which lead to higher basket values and increased conversion rates, but does this really indicate a strong performing store? Benchmark the success of individual stores against the sector average for a more qualified indication of performance.
  • Fashion shows, indoor markets and promotional events are all part of the yearly calendar of events for shopping centres in a bid to drive more traffic through their doors. However scheduling is crucial to the success of the events; taking into account historical traffic trends optimises the effective planning for each event.
  • Larger DIY and Garden Centre warehouses can often be found out of town, in less populated areas; whereas smaller stores are located in cities and towns. Plan effective concepts and store focus alongside retail traffic trends.

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Retail Analytics & Insights

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