Retail Wifi Analytics

Fill in the blanks of a shopper's journey with the complete analytical package

Maximize sale opportunities with enhanced shopper engagement from perimeter engagement to in store journey.

Maximize sale opportunities with enhanced shopper engagement from perimeter engagement to in store journey.

Shape store strategy and design around powerful metrics that complete the shoppers’ journey. Knowing the full customer journey and building analytics before customers have stepped foot inside your store, allows you to build detailed customer profiles and target segments more successfully.

Take advantage of window displays that engage passing traffic, complement in store merchandise to increase dwell times and ultimately drive up sales results.

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  • Robust insights and decision making with deeper analytics into the customer journey compared to traditional systems
  • Gauge loyalty levels and understand if current product offerings and marketing campaigns are working
  • Capitalize on passing traffic and monitor how many people are enticed into your store
  • Increase average transaction value and position promotional items in popular zones for maximum exposure
  • Measure store effectiveness with dwell times to ascertain what zones or POS are working
  • Attract new customers with engaging window displays and monitor repeat visits vs new customers
  • Easily accessible data with cloud reporting
  • Privacy regulations are upheld  as no personal details are stored

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The insights

The ability to view the complete shopper journey from initial interaction outside the store, to entering a store and purchasing a product, plus repeat visits can give you valuable insight into shopper behaviour.

  • Store / Zone dwell times – how long are people spending in your store or specific zones
  • Patronage- via the frequency and shopping habits of returning customers.
  • Passing footfall – learn the ratio of passing footfall compared to the amount of people entering a store
  • Peel-off rate – how many people have been converted into customers
  • Heat maps – where do people spend time in my store and which are the hot and cold spots

  • We hope that by utilising Wi-Fi technology, Ipsos Retail Performance will be able to help monitor, analyse and advise on our customer and in-store strategy.
    Danielle Plested, Store Development Programme Manager, Argos


Retail Wifi Analytics

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