Workforce Productivity

Achieve long term benefits from staffing optimisation

Increase store efficiency by balancing resource, scheduling and customer demand.

Increase store efficiency by balancing resource, scheduling and customer demand.

Shape workforce optimization to support individual store budget and resource, whilst maintaining high customer support levels. Reduce operational costs and increase sales figures with simple but effective operational changes.

Providing retail consultancy on workforce productivity can provide support and knowledge to your entire estate and help shape staff optimization for the long term.

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  • Maximize customer experience and match workforce productivity to customer traffic
  • Manage payroll efficiently by looking at historic and predicted footfall
  • Simplify planning with one central scheduling location across all estates
  • Improve conversion rates and understand the relationship between conversion and deployment by tracking the trends over time.
  • Enrich decision making by looking at hard data to solidify your judgments
  • Create best practice guidelines and share at all levels within the business

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The insights

Retail performance is experienced in working with retailers to establish the right path for workforce optimization. Working across a broad spectrum of retail sectors, store types and demands, Retail Performance has gained considerable  knowledge of time and motion in stores and how this interplays with team scheduling. We don’t just sell a scheduling tool; we spend time embedding the solution to make it fit for your needs.

We listen to your needs, taking on board what your key objectives of deploying a workforce management tool are. Through our consultative style we can mould an approach to fit your needs and encompass, if required, all aspects of productivity projects such as time & motion studies, scheduling tools and training.

  • Our footfall data is now used as part of our management incentive program for site directors who are rewarded if they increase conversion rates along with other metrics.
    Simon Turl, Chief Executive, Roadchef


Workforce Productivity

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