In-store Retail Customer Experience

Improve shopper engagement throughout the store

Customer Experience in a Retail Store

Position your store at the forefront of the customer experience with profound insights that demistify the shopper’s journey. When you understand what motivates shoppers, you can devise strategies that promote engagement at every touch point. Our footfall data allows you to target customers more effectively, with digital displays, zoning, merchandising and communications.

It underpins every strategic decision behind store concepts and resourcing, so you deliver in-store experiences that amplify your brand and drive sales.

Understanding customer service in retail

We know that brands associated with good customer service set themselves apart from their competitors. It starts with getting the basics right – which includes friendly, knowledgeable and well-presented store teams who go the extra mile to resolve enquiries swiftly.

Convenience is another consideration for busy shoppers who want to avoid long queues or endless searches to find what they want. The more personal you can make the experience the better, even if it is tricky to achieve in fast-paced retail environments.

Our footfall analytics and demographic data helps you overcome the challenge of getting to know your customers so that you can then tailor your marketing messages and identify groups who might need more assistance.

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The importance of customer loyalty

Closely linked to good service, customer loyalty is built on positive and consistent experiences with a brand. Personalized and well-timed incentives – like a birthday treat or recommend a friend offer – can drive store visits, as long as people find relevant products, priced appropriately with a high standard of service.

In a nutshell, we can help you:

  • Enrich the customer experience with exciting touchpoints and interactions
  • Convert browsers to buyers by completing their purchasing decision with staff support, strategic merchandising and effective signage
  • Capitalize on impulse purchases, and explore areas of initial interaction and customer dwell times
  • Increase average transaction value and encourage optimum routes by simplifying store navigation to designated areas
  • Improve customer service by establishing a high standard of service and identifying best practice
  • Optimize category and space productivity by understanding how your customers shop



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The insights

Conversion rates give us the number of shoppers who enter stores and leave without making a purchase, but they don’t give any indication of the causes. In-store analytics will discover the trends and patterns in shopping behaviour.

Insights delve into every level of store interaction:

  • Customer analysis
  • Behavioural analysis
  • Layout analysis
  • Fixture analysis
  • Product analysis
  • Service level analysis

By getting closer to your customers, you will create better in-store experiences. As well as highlighting opportunities to improve service, interaction and conversion rate gain.

  • Great insights have been gained, enabling us to provide the warmest customer experience.
    Kit Chow, Vice President Head of Research /Marketing, Citibank Hong Kong


In-store Retail Customer Experience

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