Shopper Journey & Shopper Research

Understanding the route to shopper engagement

Encourage loyalty and amplify sales using insightful behavioral observations throughout the customer journey.

Encourage loyalty and amplify sales using insightful behavioral observations throughout the customer journey.

Understand the customer journey and identify behavioral actions that shoppers exhibit as they interact with your store. Modifying your store to compliment these behavioral triggers will provide a more enlightened customer experience and ultimately increase your bottom line.

Implementing strategies that motivate shoppers at these various touchpoints will maximize dwell time, encourage loyalty and ultimately boost sales.

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  • Increase repeat visits by monitoring activity that encourages return visits
  • Grow customer base and identify when new shoppers enter your store
  • Increase average transaction values by shaping navigational routes to complimentary product zones
  • Reduce product abandonment and manage traffic flow to avoid bottlenecks and obstructions
  • ROI from window displays by monitoring how perimeter engagement leads to product purchase
  • Build detailed customer profiles and track complete shopper trips

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The insights

We can track total movement of a shopper around your store, following and recording their movements and actions. Monitoring the customer journey and buyer behavior can give you clear qualitative insight on areas that need improving:


  • Is there slow service?
  • Are there queue length problems?
  • Does your sector have high service requirements?
  • How fast is stock replenished?

Store Layout:

  • What is your highest interest product?
  • Are fixtures too low?
  • Are walkway gaps too narrow?
  • What areas are the poorest converters?
  • Are products in the wrong place?

Product Mix:

  • Is your product density too high?
  • Do you have the correct signage?
  • Is your labeling confusing?

By mapping consumer buying behavior, we can bring clear and accurate insight to understand how customers use your store and the buying process you offer.

  • Context provides rich insight. Every store experience is influenced by the rest of the shopping expedition.”
    Tim Denison, Director of Retail Intelligence, Ipsos Retail Performance


Shopper Journey & Shopper Research

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