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Driving change in customer behavior and analytics globally.

Ipsos Retail Performance is one of the world’s leading retail analytics and insights companies, providing people counting and behavioral insights. With more than 30 years’ experience, we work with operators in the retail, leisure and transport sectors to deliver positive results.


Our expertise

Since launching the first infrared customer counting system in 1989, we have been at the forefront of retail technology innovation. Our solutions are continually evolving, in line with the changing retail landscape, to help businesses understand and improve the customer journey.


locations across the world


years of people counting experience


non-food retailers globally

Driven by our people

Working across the world, our 150+ strong workforce includes specialist data analysts, dedicated key account managers, 24/7 customer service team, project and solutions managers, product innovation, client IT business solutions, client IT delivery manager, client IT support analyst team members and many more.

Experienced data analysts verify and validate traffic data and distil it into actionable insights and trends, used by everyone from store managers to the board of directors and CEO.

ISO Accredited

ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 20252 accredited

Cross Team Expertise

Deep understanding of challenges and trends, supported by collaborative working


Strong understanding of global and local markets

Sector Knowledge

Led by industry-renowned retail experts

Peter Luff >


Peter Luff >


Peter Luff


Peter has over 30 years’ experience as a technology business consulting professional, constantly at the cutting edge of industry developments. Previous consulting roles in technology for manufacturing, oil & gas, print & newspapers, defence and National Scientific Research mean that Peter has worked on a wide range of exciting projects; helicopter simulators, national real-time planetariums for the Beijing Olympics, movie production and special effects, and Fluid Dynamic systems for various F1 teams to name a few of the wide gamut of projects.

Peter graduated from Ashridge Management College with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and is currently President of Ipsos Retail Performance, providing advice, data and analysis to retailers and public spaces around the world, with a wide range of leading and prestigious brands.

Working at a strategic level with a number of clients, Peter leads the development of services and business consulting for non-invasive techniques, including people metrics in shopping centres and public spaces, utilising people counting through traditional cameras, Wi-Fi tracking, Customer Journey management and behavioural studies. Each with the soul aim of moving the needle for the client.

Retail and public space innovation is at the core of the business with examples including the creation of ‘Real Time’ occupancy counting for London’s Sky Garden and an in-store app to assist store staff understand their data at a glance.

Principles within the business are driven around client quality and service, something which Peter is passionate about, and Ipsos Retail Performance is uniquely underpinned by ISO standards 9001; 20252 and 27001.

Peter has successfully grown Ipsos Retail Performance’s deployment to over 50+ countries in last 9 years and is passionate about continuing to work closely with clients on their journey.

Dr Tim Denison


Tim is a regular commentator, broadcaster and conference speaker on retail matters, particularly related to behavioral issues.

Trained formally as a social scientist and a marketer, Tim has worked for Ipsos Retail Performance (formerly SPSL) since it was set up over 30 years ago; and he is now regarded as one of the world’s leading retail psychologists.

His primary role is in helping retailers to understand better how their customers shop their stores and why they behave the way that they do, using Ipsos’ unique set of measurement and research tools.

Before joining Ipsos, Tim managed the Institute for Advanced Research in Marketing at Cranfield School of Management in the UK, where he specialized in retail and branding issues, working on key research and policy initiatives on behalf of organizations such as the European Commission, BP and BT. He is also a co-founder of the UK Retail Think Tank (RTT).

Knowing our predicted hourly footfall levels, transformed our workforce scheduling, we are now able to match sales teams to customers to really optimise conversion.

David Botfield

Retail Resource Capacity Planning Manager, EE

At the Watches of Switzerland Group we have been fortunate to have Ipsos train our managers on all things footfall and conversion on a number of occasions.  The training covers all aspects of what information is available, from how the customer counters work, what the information reported means and most importantly how the showroom managers can use the information to make changes to their staffing to ensure they are constantly maximising their conversion opportunities.  The training is structured such that managers leave the workshop with a clear action plan on what they can do immediately and how best to use the information on an ongoing basis.

Richard Braybrook

Group Head of Retail Operations, The Watches of Switzerland Group plc

The health and safety of both our team members and customers are of utmost importance to us. Re-opening our fabulous department store is now fast approaching and we have been taking all necessary precautions to ensure a safe environment for all. We have been collaborating with our long standing Footfall Counting service provider , Ipsos, to develop a bespoke Occupancy count system. We are now at advanced stages of implementing and are very confident that the Traffic light style format is going to be a real winner in helping us manage and control the number of people entering our Store

Sean Deegan

Property and Facilities Manager, Arnotts

The Ipsos training was a fantastic way to engage Store Managers and really show them the benefit of understanding their footfall trends to capitalise on their service offer. We found some really quick and simple wins which were implemented instore which saw some fantastic results.

Steve Nussbaum

Operations Support Manager, HMV

I think the foundation of the success of our mystery shopping programme has been the accurate, traceable data provided by Ipsos, which stands up to scrutiny and challenge.  Robust data is underpinned by rigorous and demanding processes managed by Ipsos.

This has meant results are trusted by the business, which in turn mean they are confident to use them in a variety of ways – on scorecards, other reporting, making business cases for change and feeding back and coaching with staff.

As a result, the mystery shopping programme has helped us to drive the right actions for our customers, from cleanliness and ambience improvements to better and more frequent announcements and better staff behaviours.

Sybil Nicolson

Insight Manager, Transport for London

Analysing information from the Retail Performance data has been absolutely fundamental to the success of this business initiative.

Simon Turl

CEO, Roadchef

The data accuracy levels, conversion rate data and continual consultancy support from Ipsos Retail Performance has proved instrumental in our strategic store planning.

Graham Allen

Commercial Director, Henri Lloyd

Great Insights have been gained, enabling us to provide the warmest customer experience. 

Kit Chow

Vice President Head of Research/Marketing, Citibank Hong Kong

Credible, informative and unbiased opinion on the retail environment

Ipsos Retail Performance is a member of the UK Retail Think Tank (RTT) alongside co-founding partners KPMG. The forum of industry experts was set up in 2006 by Helen Dickinson of KPMG LLP and Tim Denison of Ipsos Retail Performance.

Being part of the RTT ensures that Ipsos Retail Performance is on the pulse of events and developments in UK retailing and ultimately helps provide our clients with unrivalled knowledge and support.

Powering change

Our evidence-based approach provides the metrics and practical guidance you need to optimize your organization’s performance. We will help you uncover missed opportunities and establish how well customers are responding to in-store initiatives, so you can ensure a strong ROI.

Ipsos Retail Performance is trusted to work with the world’s biggest brands, and has ISO 9001- Quality Management, ISO 27001-Information Security Management and ISO 20252-Market and Social Research accreditations. This means you can be confident your data is managed to the highest standards and decisions are based on strong evidence.

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