‘How IPSOS are already planning for retail, office and public space recovery’

April 2020

As we approach the ‘new normal’ we have been working hard to develop solutions to maximize social distancing awareness. Naturally this applies to all locations; retailers, offices, warehouses, public places and transport hubs to name just a few. For many years we have been installing our Occupancy solution however, given the current situation, we have developed this further. The Social Distancing Live Occupancy Solution was designed for essential retailers in mind but now, as we approach life 2 meters apart, this solution is being implemented in office buildings as well as retailers.

As a quick overview:

  • The solution will count every customer/visitor/staff member into the designated entrance/exit live.
  • This data will be reported via our usual reporting platforms and can be viewed in real-time via the app
  • A screen can be installed or placed at the entrance to display the current occupancy
  • Thresholds can be set and a traffic light system can be displayed to advise if it is safe to enter based on the occupancy threshold set
  • Customizable messages can be displayed
  • The sensors can be self-installed if required and will be fully supported by our project management team


Where can this be deployed?

Tube station

In short, anywhere! While we adapted this solution in the main for essential retailers it is very apparent that this solution can be configured to any entrance. For instance, if you wanted to limit the amount of colleagues that can enter the kitchen or toilets, the number of customers wishing to purchase a coffee, staff entering conference rooms – there is no limit to this solution.

While we can only estimate how long Social Distancing will affect our lives, we can see it being in place for some time and when we do get back to ‘high fiving’ our colleagues, hugging our family (or even our customers) you then have the ability to switch this solution to one of our other solutions!

Making the most of closures

While it is difficult to see through the fog of COVID-19 it is encouraging to hear so many of our customers looking at the positives. We are excited to be part of their future planning and due to the limited staff and/or customers it is a great opportunity for us to install our solutions ready for when businesses start trading again. Our engineers are still operational, following government guidelines, so we are well placed to install our solutions.


How have our customers changed?

We are being asked if there are methods to analyse if/how customer audience is changing, are we seeing a generational change in who visits us since the COVID-19 outbreak as one example? In short, yes we can monitor and report on this with a number of solutions which range from physical solutions that can be installed to video monitoring that can be completed remotely.

We are also having to adapt our methods; popular solutions of ours is the Shopper Engage Lite and Shopper Engage Full solution. Historically we deploy a field team for the Lite version but as the requirements have been coming in we see a real desire to analyse behavior before the outbreak vs after and therefore development has taken place to allow us to review historical footage as well, this gives us key information when delivering key insights packs.


The wider Ipsos

Information on the current situation is being published all the time and with Ipsos being one of the largest market research companies in the world, we are no different. Here is a link to some of the latest work being carried out which include the tracking of Public Perception to the Coronavirus, and our new weekly Customer Perspective Podcasts. 

It certainly feels like 2020 is here to challenge us so lets not forget #WeAreInThisTogether

Ipsos Retail Performance Contact Andy: andy.hart@ipsos.com if you would like further information on how we can help your site or location.