Ipsos Retail Performance response to the coronavirus pandemic

As cases of the coronavirus (COVID-19) continue to spread across the UK and around the world, Ipsos Retail Performance is focused on ensuring the safety of its people, clients and suppliers, whilst maintaining business continuity during this challenging time.

Our operations
Whilst an international crisis of this nature is not something that we have seen in recent history, the scale of our business around the world ensures that we have robust business continuity plans in place to mitigate against potential risks to projects and ensure that we are operating flexibly in order to deliver both existing and new work. In an increasingly digitally connected world our online fieldwork capabilities in both quantitative and qualitive methods put us in a strong position. Our face-to-face field operations teams are monitoring the situation closely, including daily regional calls and regular interviewer communication. To date business remains largely as usual, but they are following government advice closely and are taking precautions to ensure they can continue to work in a way that is both safe for staff and clients.

Our people
We are taking sensible precautions to keep our employees as healthy as possible. This includes cancelling international travel, further enhancing flexible working, staggering commute timings, encouraging virtual meetings and enhancing cleaning throughout all our offices. Our teams are equipped with laptops and our IT infrastructure would enable us to switch to home-working should the need arise. Do let us know if you or your organisation would prefer us to work in a certain way during this time so we can adapt to your needs.

Our events
Ipsos Retail Performance will not be convening non-essential gatherings/events of over 50 people during a period where there is public, government and business concern about the transmission of the Coronavirus. We will instead seek to share content with you online, through podcasts and other alternative mediums. We will continue to share interesting news, polls and publications with you as usual electronically.

Monitoring public opinion and behaviours
Ipsos are regularly tracking public opinion and changes to behaviour as a result of the crisis across the world. Key findings from Ipsos’ latest polling showed:
• Three quarters of Britons (74%) support quarantining cities and towns to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.
• Only half (50%) of the British public believe the government is doing a good job in containing the spread of the virus.
• A third (32%) of Britons are now worried about the financial impact on themselves and their families, with nearly half (49%) believing a global recession is likely.
Read more here and should you wish to ask any of your own questions on the subject, please contact us.

If you have any questions or queries, please do contact me or your regular account team.

With best wishes,

Peter Luff
Ipsos Retail Performance