New Technology Set To Drive Up Retail Traffic Data Accuracy

Retailers are set to gain a better understanding of store traffic, as Ipsos Retail Performance takes its people counting technology a step further with a technological ‘first’.

The global retail provider has released details of its pioneering staff exclusion feature, which allows dealership managers and head offices to capture customer – but exclude staff –to build a true picture of the dealership’s performance.

Believed to be the first of its kind on the market, the tool has been developed to set the gold standard for accuracy, particularly in stores where the employee-to-customer ratio is high, such as in car dealerships and luxury brand flagships.

Explaining further Peter Luff, President at Ipsos Retail Performance said:

“Employees skew traffic data whenever they arrive at or leave a store or dealership – but this is even more of a challenge for retailers selling luxury goods and jewelry, where associates, greeters security and escorting sales staff can easily outnumber customers at certain times of day.

“When you’re selling big-ticket items, even just one more shopper visit could bring in a significant amount of revenue, so managers need to know how many they are currently to be able to address true performance through a meaningful Conversation Rate KPI.”

The staff exclusion technology forms part of a wider people counting capability, which uses multiple sensor technologies, including stereo vision cameras and Time of Flight sensors to count and track visitors to a store.

Peter added:

“This system is designed to be as easy to use as possible, with staff simply wearing small and discreet Bluetooth tags or lanyards while they are at work. Our traffic counting systems automatically filter anyone wearing the tag or lanyard, so retailers see customer and staff data as separate measures.”

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