Retail Trends In 2019 To Watch Out For

Earlier in the year we headed to NRF, and here’s our summary of retail trends in 2019, and what you should expect in the retail sector over the next 12 months.

A continued emphasis on customer experience

The most talked about focus point of the show has undoubtedly been customer experience as a means of standing out, attracting new shoppers and encouraging loyalty. How you go about improving this obviously depends on your sector, but traffic counting is a great way to understand the current customer landscape within your stores, before you make changes.

Developments in staff exclusion functionality with traffic counting technology

There are already murmurings of how traffic counting technology is evolving – so expect a big announcement on this front in 2019. In particular, look out for our staff exclusion functionality, whereby stores which rely on staff operating around the sensor locations are able to track customers and exclude employees.

Personalization – it’s about quality, not quantity

It’s true that having choice is great, and choice is what we’re used to. But there is talk of a shift here, in that a retailer offering a truly personalized service or product, bespoke to an individual consumer, can be more meaningful and increase conversion rates.

Evolution of demographics and generation demands

We spoke to a number of retailers, brands and industry decision makers about how demographic metrics have changed in recent months. Today, characteristics such as gender are far more fluid, with new definitions and fewer constraints to how consumers identify and therefore should be marketed to. This adds an additional layer of complexity to customer profiling, but is a phenomenon directly applicable to the next 12 months in retail.

The goal of “frictionless experiences

Removing barriers to purchase, even in scenarios which already appear slick and efficient, will be a huge ambition for many retailers in 2019. Think of cashier-less stores and technology which can anticipate our shopping lists more intuitively than ever. The need to rigorously assess how the purchase process is structured and a positive customer journey is delivered, will be a big focus point this year.

Data usage should be sustainable – not short-lived

By now, retailers know that harnessing customer data is not a one-off endeavor. Implementing analysis which is achievable, realistic and intuitive will be a key consideration for many in 2019, to fully benefit from comprehensive and insightful data history.

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