Creating retail window displays to improve store performance

A renowned brand, cool products and excellent customer service is key to a successful retailer. This will certainly see many visitors returning to your store, which will thereby grow your loyal customer base. However, your retail window display is imperative to influencing the increase of foot traffic, drive store conversion and improving the store’s performance. Therefore, you would need to make changes to target your audience, ensure its prominent and eye catching as much as possible to maximise sales.    

Benefits of window displays in the retail market

For most, window displays would be the only advertisements the store would receive on the high street or in a shopping centre. They would be the ultimate deciding factor for a customer to walk in to your store or choose to enter another store with a more attractive window display. In many high streets, there can be a lack of billboards or no digital advert screens which limits the showcase of product and brand offering. In shopping centres despite higher advertisements on shopping centre walls, digital screens and posters, not all retailers can use these methods, since advertisement selling space is limited.  Therefore, window displays to retailers can be the only advertisement to draw attention to their customers and a key factor to drive in-store traffic.

Visual merchandising, the customer journey and target audience

For most brick and mortar stores, their display would be the start to their customer’s journey. The role visual merchandising plays is an integral factor to set the tone for your target audience, influence the shopper to stop, reflect and enter the store. 

Your store display has the ability to differentiate you to your competitors and is a way to emphasize the retailer or brands’ personality whilst providing the store with a theme or image. To create your winning store display ensure you know who your target audience is to create an appearance they can identify with to lure them into your store.

Who is your target audience? This is an essential question when creating effective window displays. They need to be taken into consideration to create an immediate impact for when they pass your store. If your target customer is unclear or yet to be defined, you can use the customer segmentation and shopper demographics tool. Whilst fully respecting the privacy of shoppers, this facial profiling technology provides shopper demographic intelligence and analytics. With deep insights into your customer profile you can measure the effectiveness of your window displays right through to in-store promotions.

Moreover, you can target your customer’s interest by having set your defined demographic profiles in order to tailor the retail services to them and to refine product offerings, thereby increasing the store’s conversion rate.

Keep your displays fresh and captivating – your target audience are always on the lookout for new ideas. Mainly they want to see displays that are in line and appeals to their lifestyle or demonstrates the lifestyle that they would desire.

Review its impact with footfall counting data

Store, area and regional managers can analyse which window displays are driving up store traffic by using traffic counters. As well as measuring dwell time, with traffic counting data stores are able to use this to match staffing patterns, make better use of budgets, discover the store’s worst performing days in terms of conversion rates and find out if marketing initiatives and store designs deliver an increase of traffic.

Furthermore, you can benchmark against sector and competitor traffic trends to validate your store performance. Request your free demo here.

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