Unlocking Customer Insight In Mall Kiosk Environments

Understanding how effective your retail kiosk is at converting sales is a tricky science. Often, operators are selling to customers in very high traffic concourse areas in mall and travel retail environments. So how do you understand what is attracting those that do stop to your business?

The role of Ipsos Retail Performance

Ipsos Retail Performance is known for its traffic counting systems, used by retailers around the world to quantify shopper volume and study behaviors. These systems work brilliantly when you have control over your store environment, but it can be more of a challenge when your retail presence is a stall in a high traffic area without clear entry and exit points.

This has led to our data teams breaking down and rebuilding these systems specifically for kiosk operators in mind. By repurposing the same technology that helps store-based retailers, our team has developed an entirely new system, called Active Look Out, which is aimed at counting and tracking customers as they shop in an open kiosk environment. The system is able to operate in areas where the store has no traditional entrance, perimeter or ceiling – a challenge most kiosks face when operating in open spaces.

Importance of retail sensors

Sensors can determine between passing trade, and those that have stopped to shop, enabling a tally to be kept of the number of shoppers a kiosk receives. The insight doesn’t stop there either, by linking these sensors together, Ipsos Retail Performance’s system can understand how customers behave around the stall, and where they stop. This data can then be used by retailers to determine which displays are grabbing attention, and which products are attracting the most customers.

For a retailer, this data is particularly significant as it offers them the opportunity to optimize their product displays to attract passing trade, ensuring their most valuable products are best displayed to increase the chances of converting a sale.

Improvement in short & long term retail strategies

So far, the technology has proven particularly useful to Telco operators in North America, where it has been integrated to help them understand which promotions and formats are most effective at attracting business. Not only will this insight prove lucrative in the short term through changes made to promotions, but long-term as well by influencing which sites the operator chooses for its next location.

By capturing and understanding this data, retailers are set to make more informed choices about the development of their kiosk businesses, ensuring the planning and operation of these sites is informed by proven data from across its existing estate.

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