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Track traffic in any public space, no matter how complex

Ipsos Retail Performance works with operators in the public, transport and leisure sectors. Whatever your objectives, we’ll deliver the right combination of technology and expertise to help you get the most from your metrics.

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Measure of success

We understand the challenges involved in tracking foot traffic data in public spaces, from transport hubs to entertainment venues and shopping malls. Whether you want to uncover untapped opportunity to increase sales, or track ROI on events and marketing, our FusionHub cloud reporting software brings all your data sets together into one easy-to-use application.

With continual monitoring, our technology has been used in range of large-scale settings – from capacity planning for international ferries in Asia, to tracking and substantiating the impact of the London Congestion Charge on high street opportunity.

Our occupancy monitoring software allows you to measure crowds and capacity, both during normal service and one-off events. Whether an event is ticketed or not, you can track visitor numbers and deploy staff in the right places to ensure the highest standards of safety and customer service. With live data available via our app, you will be the first to know when the venue is reaching maximum occupancy.

Work with a global leader in Public Spaces

Drawing on more than 30 years’ experience, our traffic and occupancy monitoring solutions are used in public spaces. Whatever the size of the space, you can access the data you need via a secure and easy-to-use customizable dashboard.


More than 95% accuracy, guaranteed


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Our experience in other sectors

  • Libraries >

    Discover the most popular times people visit your library, and rota staff for peak periods

  • Tourist Attractions >

    Deploy your teams effectively to manage crowds at peak periods

  • Museums >

    Track visitor numbers and develop queue management systems that support better visitor experiences.

  • Sporting venues >

    Manage high volumes of fans during sporting events, no matter how big or small

  • Galleries >

    Keep waiting time down during your latest exhibition and ensure strong ROI for funders

  • Events >

    Successfully manage crowds to ensure safe and enjoyable experiences


Using our data, the Ipsos Traffic Count app gives managers the tools they need to make operational decisions on-the-go. With access to real-time and historical store data, they can schedule staff according to visitor volumes and see instantly whether the attraction is reaching maximum occupancy.


  • Can your traffic counting technology be used for counting on buses and subways?

    Any space can be counted into and out of as long as you can define entry and exit thresholds; can be counted.

  • Can your system count outside?

    Yes, and we also do street counting.

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