People Counters for Libraries


Track the number of visitors to a library, improve their experience to encourage repeat visits and demonstrate ROI to funders.

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A specialist in traffic counting

Our traffic solutions enable you to monitor traffic and dwell times during any given period. Using this information, you can deploy staff to service desks during busy spells, or on other tasks when it is quiet.

Reliable data

Take the human out of traffic counting

Better budgeting

Deliver quality experiences in line with your budget

Staff scheduling

Design rotas in line with visitor numbers and capitalize on staff knowledge

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Tailored solutions for your library

Gain stakeholder confidence

Unlike manual counting, our state-of-the-art cameras accurately track visitor numbers without draining resources or risking errors. The data we generate, guaranteed to above 95% accuracy, provides the leverage required to demonstrate ROI to both current and potential funders.

Data-led decision making

When budgets are tight, you need to make the most of every penny. By installing cameras at the entrance to the library, as well as different zones, you’re able to identify the best and worst-performing areas – which means you know exactly where to channel funding to improve visitor experiences.


Whether you are a library manager, a local authority or external stakeholder, our data helps you track performance and identify new opportunities. Our dedicated account manager is on hand to support you at every stage, so you get the most from your investment.

Operational demand

Knowing when your busy and quiet periods are means you can align staffing resources with visitor demand and ensure your most knowledgeable team members are on hand to answer questions. Traffic data also helps local authorities determine a library’s opening hours, particularly when budgets are tight.

Solutions for your Library

How we help clients

Working across the public and private sector, we empower teams to make effective operational and strategic decisions using the latest traffic counting and queue management technology, combined with our expert analysis.

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Work with a global leader in retail traffic data and analytics

The retail technology solutions we have developed over the last 30 years are increasingly being harnessed in other public spaces. Whatever the scale of your operations, we capture data with above 95% accuracy to support your strategy.


More than 95% accuracy guaranteed.


Industry-leading retail data specialists.


Working together to maximize revenue.


Increase profits or demonstrate ROI.


Using our data, the Ipsos Traffic Count app gives managers the tools they need to make operational decisions on-the-go. With access to real-time and historical store data, they can schedule staff according to visitor volumes and see instantly whether the library is reaching maximum occupancy.

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