People Counters for Fast Food Restaurants


In a fast-paced QSR, you need to know how many people walk through the door and identify the busiest times of day, so you can generate sales and reduce the frustration associated with long waiting times.

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A specialist in traffic counting

Whether you run a fastfood restaurant in the city or service station café, our traffic counting solutions help you track customer numbers and dwell time with accuracy. These systems, which can be adapted to any space, deliver the data needed to schedule staff in line with operational demand, improve dining experiences and maximize sales opportunities.

Expert-led insights

A combination of industry-leading technology and expert data analysis to track performance

Better staff scheduling

Optimize staffing rotas to improve productivity and increase sales

Manage occupancy

Ensure safety and deliver positive customer experiences with live occupancy monitoring

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Tailored solutions for your QSR

Track and improve QSR performance

Our traffic counting systems can be installed in any part of the restaurant, including the entrance, different zones and self-service kiosks. With detailed and highly accurate insights, you’ll see how many people visit an outlet and what is driving conversions to inform decisions.

Make faster decisions

Access to real-time data, delivered via a secure client portal and app, supports fast yet effective decision-making, such as restricting entry when the restaurant is nearly full and making sure cleaning staff are available to deal with spillages and cleanliness of toilets.

Queue management systems for QSRs

Our queue management systems can be tailored to any environment. These include call forward technology, which directs customers to the next available counter and speeds up service, and apps that allow them to place an order using their phone, without waiting in the queue.

Customer service excellence

Use our data to schedule staffing resources to meet demand during busy and quiet periods, in order to maintain the highest standard of customer service, maximize sales and control costs. These insights also inform decision-making, such as whether to install self-service kiosks to speed up transactions.


How we help our clients

Working across multiple sectors, including hospitality, we empower teams to make effective operational and strategic decisions using the latest traffic counting and queue management technology, combined with our expert analysis.

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Work with a global leader in restaurant traffic data and analytics

The retail technology solutions we have developed over the last 30 years are increasingly being harnessed in other public spaces. Whatever the scale of your operations, we capture data with above 95% accuracy to support your strategy.


More than 95% accuracy guaranteed.


Industry-leading retail data specialists.

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